1 year old not sleeping well


My LO has never been the greatest sleeper, but before the time change she was at least sleeping from 7:30pm/8pm - about 5:30am. We wake up for work about 5:15/5:30 so this was doable. Now with the time change, I can’t get her to sleep past 4:45am. She wakes up and screams until I come in there and get her. Then I bring her in bed with us and she falls right back to sleep. If I try to calm her down and leave her in her crib she won’t have it. This morning I tried to let her CIO for 15 min, but I almost feel like she is too old for CIO.

Any suggestions on what to do? I’ve tried keeping her up later at night, but she is soooo fussy when I do that. She take two long naps during the day, but she’s not getting her recommended sleep at night and I can tell she looks tired during the day. She has a nightlight, soft music, and a very small stuffed toy in her crib with her. What else can I try? We are all so sleep deprived.


Oh Krista that sucks! I was going to say try a small stuffed animal or blanket. My sister is having a really hard time with her daughter too. Have you called your pediatrician?


If you can just put her down 5-10 minutes later each night she should slowly adjust. I hate daylight savings because babies just don’t get it. It disrupts the entire house.
I don’t know if she is too old for CIO. Bringing her into your bed is setting a ritual she may never want to break. Blaine has never slept in his own room and sleeps in a toddler bed next to mine. Each morning he climbs over to cuddle. It is a habit we haven’t been able to break and each day that goes by its only going to get harder and harder for us.
If she is used to being in her own room and bed then I would stop taking her to your room. Yes, you are going to be sleep deprived but, the extra 45 minutes of possible sleep probably isn’t making the big of difference to you right now.
If she isn’t going to go back down I would suggest just starting your day. She will go down earlier and you will be able to lay down earlier too. Maybe just think of the extra morning time as time to spend with her one on one.
No real good answers here though. We struggle with this every time the clocks change so, your not alone.


Seems like a week was her adjustment time…this weekend she slept until 6am in her own bed. And this morning I heard her babbeling in her crib at 5:30 and didn’t go get her till 6am. She’s back to her old schedule.

What a relief. Now if only I can get her to sleep in until 7am on the weekends :slight_smile: