10 days past transfer question


I am 10 days past transfer and I woke up this morning and had some spotting. Do you think it is over? I am so scared to go back to the bathroom to see if I got my period. I haven’t done a HPT because I am too nervous to do that and my blood test isn’t until 12/26. Feel like all hope is gone at this point. I was blessed with a son in 2010 and had no spotting with that pregnancy.


I don’t think it’s over until beta says so! I got full blown :af: during my IVF cycle. When I called the clinic to tell them I wanted to stop the progesterone they said “no, many women bleed & are indeed pregnant”… they moved up my beta which confirmed my failed cycle. However, they said they have had women call them crying over bleeding, want to stop the progesterone & ended up being :preg: . It could go either way… don’t lose hope yet!!! Good luck!!!


It could also have been implantation bleeding :bsv:


I had my ET today and my RE specifically said spotting can be a good sign with ivf and if it happens NOT to stop the progesterone. :babydust: