11 days post IUI and bleeding


I am new here and I had my first IUI. I am 39 years old and I am 11 days out from my IUI and I started to bleed. Initially it was just a little bit of blood. However as the day progressed the color has turned bright red like a menstrual cycle. All day long my body just shed weight via urinating and I slimmed down majorly within a matter of 24 hours. Negative pregnancy test and I was due to start next Tuesday.

My office was real nice and they told my I needed to chill out and wait until Tuesday and I will know everything for sure.


The bleeding has stopped and it was light pink and brown. It stopped after I took my progesterone suppositories


oh hun i hope it is nothing and you get a bfp!


The bleeding is now worse. I am fairly confident it did not take. Having a lot of cramping and I never have cramping during my cycle.