11 dpo rise after dip! Could I be pregnant?



This is my bbt chart. This is my first month of charting with ttc #2. I had cramps in the late evening (laying down to go to sleep) and then again this morning (and I’m not a cramper) but this is also my first cycle off of birth control since having ds (9 months ago) I’m older and have PCOS, so we’re not wasting any time. I thought the dip and rise seemed significant. Maybe getting ready to start AF. I took an HPT early AM on 10 dpo and it was BFN. I hope I just got too anxious and took it too early. Any thoughts or observations? Can implantation occur at 11 dpo? Does it look like I may have ovulated earlier than CD14? :pray: :cross:

I realize that my temps look rather erratic, but I took them all at the same time (7:30 AM). So It’s a little confusing to me.