12 dpiui, and it's a negative...


And I’m SO bummed. I know that it was my first iui, and that while it can work on the first time, it’s not a guarantee, but I wanted it… doesn’t the amount of want count for anything?!? In this world, if you want something bad enough… the fact that you would do anything, would mean something!! Argh…

I just went to the bathroom and :af: is beginning to visit, made me want to scream, and cry at the same time. As if it makes ANY sense at all, I was 1% relieved b/c I was SO tired of waiting on day 14 to get here… so I could know for sure that the negatives I’ve been getting were really negatives.

Oh well, better luck to you ladies!! On to November I go!! And I’ll throw this in there, this was the last possible month for me to conceive a child to be born in my 20’s, not that it’s a big deal, just saying…


cd one means new hope new faith
i had my AF LAST night 15dpo
but dont lose hope
the best has yet to come:grouphug:


I feel you. Today is 14dpiui and this is my first IUI too - :bfn:. I’m both disappointed and relieved it’s finally day 14 so I can call my RE tomorrow and let him know it’s negative and move on to next month. I’ve been testing since day 9… I don’t think I’m going to do that next month because every negative (every morning) really put a damper on an already stressful 2 weeks.


So sorry. You are right that starting AF so soon means you can go right on to the next cycle. Good luck and hoping the next one will be your cycle.:cross:


Sorry you are having a rotten day usually the first obeisance the worst abdomen the bright side the more you do it the greater your chances.


By day 9, I’d already had 2 negatives!! LOL! I knew logically it was stupid to be testing so soon… but dang it, they were my tests, and it was my pee… so haha, I got to pee on them all I wanted to. That was one thing that I could control… :o)

We’ll all have better luck next month!