12dpt HCG 42 terrified!


I had my 1st HCG done today and my results were 42. The nurse said that number is low. They like to see results near 100. They tested me 12 days after my transfer of2x day 5 Blastocysts that at day 3 were at 10 cell and 8 cell embryos. I’m so confused! I understand that it is a positive test but I am still worried. I would like to hear about others with this low of a HCG on day 12.:pray:


Try not to worry about it. It is out of your control now. You can have a high number and have it drop later. The second number is more important, it doesnt matter how low your first number is. I’m crossing my fingers it will double.


Thank you! I am just so worried that I will miscarry. :frowning:


Hi Denzo80!
I am in the exact same boat as you (well pretty close anyways). I had my beta test today 14 days after IUI. I have been cramping the last couple days, and I started bleedind this morning, so I went in for my test knowing what the result would be…However, to my surprise, my levels came back positive. They are only at 26. The nurse said they like to see anything higher than 24-25, so this is good. BUT… I have had 3 miscarriages already, so I am very nervous that this low number could mean #4. I would love to hear some success stories and encouragment.
Good luck to you! 42 at 12 days after transfer isn’t bad!!

:pray: :bsv: :cross:


Cah 21 Thank you for the good luck and sticky vibes! I have to go back on Monday and see where the levels are then. I have no idea why they tested me on day 12. Good luck to you as well. As long as the numbers go up then it is good!


I go back Monday too, good luck to both of us! Fingers crossed!


I got by results back. I dropped down to a 20 :frowning: it didn’t take.


I’m so sorry Denzo80:( . Unfortunately, my numbers also dropped down to negative. This is just devastating!