13 days past d&c and I have EWCM?


Hello, I have some questions that maybe you ladies can help answer. Ok, I did an IUI October 14th to have it end in a d&c on Nov. 9th. We did conceive on the first IUI, but it didn’t last.

Anyway, I was told that I may ovulate before I have my cycle start. I did not bleed but 3 times since the d&c. I don’t mean 3 days I mean 3 times I just had a little bloop of blood expelled and that was it. The last time was Friday. Anyway, I had been doing OPK’s since the 12th thinking that I should ovulate sometime. I haven’t done one in the past 3 days because I have been way too busy to even take time to pee much less test. So I went to the bathroom just a minute ago and I have A LOT of EWCM. I didn’t get to take an OPK because I wasn’t expecting that to happen, so I will have to wait until I have to pee again. If I count my day of d&c as cycle day 1 (I have been told to do that) then today would be CD 13 which would fall right into place.

If anyone has some insight on this please help me. We are planning on ttc on our own again and we are hoping to get pregnant soon since I am supposed to be very fertile right now. Thanks in advance!


OK, so I just took a digi OPK and I still do not have a smile. I am confused. I am having lots and lots of EWCM but no positive OPK? Does this mean I am about to ovulate or I have already ovulated. Some please help me!! I think the best thing I can do is the bd for the next few days in hopes that maybe I catch it. I may test again this evening and see if it changes. I have heard women getting a negative in the morning only to have a positive at night. I don’t know though. If someone does please enlighten me!


[quote=essemkay]I have read that most women have their LH surge around 10am, so the best time to take an OPK is between 2pm and 6pm. Of course, then the difficulty comes in having urine that’s not completely diluted so that it can even trip an OPK. Also, some women have surges that last for less than 24 hours, so testing just once a day you could easily miss it.

I always tested twice a day, once with FMU and once when I got home from work. Many times, I got my positives with the FMU, but nearly as often, the early evenings gave me smilies as well.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not. :)[/quote]

So do you think i am about to ovulate being that I do have lots and lots of EWCM and I should test again this evening, or do you think I may have already ovulated??? I know that I need to jump in the sack quick if that is the case.


Thanks essem. I will for sure test again later. I am having a little cramping right now, so I am sure that I’m about to ovulate soon more than likely. I guess I am going to go ahead and bd and then take another test later. It never hurts to just get on with it and hope I catch the egg…lol