13 dpo after IUI


So I had an Ovidrel shot on November 7th and my IUI on the 9th. I am 13 dpo and so on a whim I POAS and saw this: :bfp:
Is the shot still in my system or is this a legit BFP? I have a blood test scheduled for tmw morning but I’m so anxious now!!

What do you all think?


Really? I’m so nervous that the blood test won’t back me up tmw morning…
I am rossing my fingers!!!:pray:


I would second it being legit!! I had my Ovidrel shot on the 9th and it tested out of my system within 7 days after. I haven’t really seen many instances of it taking more than 10 days to be cleared.


My guess is that it is legit.



:bfp: Took a digital this AM and got a very quick “Pregnant” result. I have a blood test in an hour that will hopefully confirm!!:bfp: :cross: