13 years trying...anyone...have any sucess after this long?


My husband and I have been together 14 years, I’m now 36 he’s 38. For the first 6 years of our married we didnt give kids any thought, but after 6 years of unprotected sex and no kid, we knew something was wrong. Went to Doc - did all the test and turns our my husband has a low count and most are not mobile. We were told though there was still a small chance, because he still has swimmers and I was fine. 13 years now and nothing. So we went for help, clocks ticking…3 IUI’s and still :bfn: . Now the doctor wants us to try IVF. Yet, my question is anyone out there… that has been going at it for so long (13+ years) and had any sucess with IVF? I read about two, maybe 3 years. Yet, I dont see anyone trying for 13 years and nothing. Then 3 IUI’s and still nothing. Am I just spending $$$ on a loss cause and should move on to donor sperm? I admit, this last IUI has left me :af: , and well there are no words. Thanks.


I explained my situation a few days ago on another thread.

Me and my hubby have been married 13 years and we’ve been TTC for 8 of them. At first we were told we were unexplained so we were young and we figured it would happen one day. So we enjoyed our young lives and now here we are! Last year I was diagnosed with endo (accidentally! - thats another story for another day ) found a little smaller than a grapefruit sized cyst in my ovary - And here I am 34 - not 24!! And feel I got ripped off of 8 good childbearing years! I also wondered where was God? How did the doctors not see my endo much earlier? Gods got a plan for us and he will show us one day when it’s His time.

So no, you are not alone! We have 2 more IUI’s then moving onto IVF. We have a pre-booked appt. with our doc if the next two IUI’s don’t work. Stay positive! Lots of women have children at 36!


I don’t know all your history but given your husband’s issues I would say that if you are moving to IVF with ICSI then you should consider this a fresh start! You are still relatively young and have the possibility of having a good response and produce lots of good quality eggs from IVF. Also, if there were any other factors like blocked tubes or hostile cervical mucous that were affecting your chances, then doing IVF basically means none of those issues are a factor anymore. I think you have a great chance and you should mentally let go of those 13 years and try to visualize your success because it WILL HAPPEN!!!


I have a similar story. My husband and I have been married for almost 22 years. For the first 8 years of marriage, we prevented with a vengeance. Then, when I turned 30, we threw out my birth control pills and declared BRING ON THE BABIES!! And nothing happened. Twelve years later, after over a decade of doctors, tests, surgeries, numerous IUIs, countless timed intercourse, etc., etc., at the ripe young age of 42, I finally had a baby from our first IVF.

You’re lucky in that you’re much much younger than I so your odds with IVF will be substantially higher.