14dpo. No sign of AF yet


This 2ww may be making me crazy! DH and I tried naturally this month in between cycles. Right now I am 14dpo. No sign of AF yet. But crazy symptoms!! I took a half day from work because I was feeling so crappy today:really nauseas, terrible headache, dizzy, and heart burn/acid reflux. Also have sore bb’s and creamy cm. What are all of these symptoms??!! All HPT are BFN. any late success stories, BFP after 14dpo? I just wish AF would come at this point to end the misery!


Creamy CM has always been a harbinger of the dreaded AF for me, but perhaps it’s a good sign for you. I have read numerous stories of women who had negative hpts up to even 16-18dpo. Crossing my fingers for you!