14mm follicle found during FET cd9


I just went for my sonogram today to check on my uterine lining for my upcoming FET. My lining looked good with a triple stripe and 9mm. They did find a 14mm follicle on my rt ovary. The technician didn’t seem too concerned but I am afraid that my cycle will be cancelled. Has anyone experienced this and was your cycle cancelled?


I actually ovulated naturally during my fet cycle. The reason I wanted to do that is so I would make my own hormones, I refused to take supplements. Your RE could just monitor the follicle and your blood, then before ovulating on your own give you an hcg trigger to force ovulation so he can time the transfer appropriately. Hope things are working out for you! :bsv:


I had a follicle. They measured a blood progesterone level to see if I had ovulated. When it came back low (I had been on Lupron suppression), we went through with the cycle.


I’m going through the same issue right now, but my RE hasn’t decided what direction he wants to take. They discovered a recruited follicle on Thursday when I went in for my suppression bloodwork and ultra sound. I also had the thin stripe in my uterus, but my doctor said this was bad b/c it meant my estrogen level was too high. It came back at 70 and the RE said it should be below 50. I didn’t think about the possibility of an HSG shot until I just read that in someone’s response. I’ll know Monday what they want to do with me, but this is definitely a frustrating experience! Good luck to u and I’d love to her what your doctor decides to do with your FET.