15-16 weeks along with Twins..should we see a belly yet?


My SIL is 15-16 weeks along with twins, after her 7th IVF cycle :clap: . Her last OB appt at 13 weeks showed 2 healthy babies with strong 160-170 HB’s and right at 13 weeks. She had a ton of ms til about 1 week ago. She lost about 10 pounds the first 8 weeks, but is now back to her pre IVF weight (gained the 10 back) but nothing more.

She is concerned that she has no belly yet and no weight gain. She is tall and kind of thin, not super skinny but let’s say she is 6’ tall and wears a size 8-10 normally. She said she can still wear most of her clothes.

I am looking for anyone that can give me some insight to their twin cycle if it was similar?

We are super close because of our IVF journeys. I want to give her some reassurance.




I showed with my twins fast…but I did with my daughter too. I’m one of those that carries straight out and looks like a watermelon at the end. :slight_smile: But I worked w/ a girl that is thin and 5’10" and she didn’t look pregnant w/ her twins until around 20 weeks. Everyone is so different and what matters is what the dr sees during ultrasounds. She is probably carrying more long ways since she is so tall. Good luck to you both!


She’s fine. If she is tall, it is completely normal not to show early. I am 13 weeks in and have not gained any weight either (lost 5 lbs while doing ivf and just got them back), but because I am 5"3’, I’m showing a little already. Most people can’t tell anyway, and anything that was a little loose still fits. Since she started gaining weight, I would not worry. Congratulations!