18 days late for af, Neg blood test, after stopping clomid


Hi, I have been on clomid 100mg (days 2-7) for 2 months and this is my 1st month with out it. while on the clomid I was having regular 31 day cycles. and before the longest cycle I had was 38 days. This month I did not take the clomid but i thought i ovulated around the 10-11th of october. I thought I was due for af around the 25th of october. so far it has not come, I have had no signs of af at all, for 3 weeks ive had a constant sickening feeling like im about to throw up, its worse of a morning then eases off through the day, my cervix is high and closed and ive had a lot of creamy cm (tmi i know) on and off sense, I have done 6 hpt last weekend and 4 showed a light second line (brands clear blue and 1st responce) and 2 were neg (pregnosis) I had a blood test done on monday 8/11 and it was just a simple yes or no and it came bag neg, but still 18 days over due for af. I am positive that the blood test would not be wrong as I would have been about 5 weeks if I was pregnant but i dont know why im still not getting af or any signs of it. Ive come down with a head cold today that might delay it now but there is no reason for it to be so late?
Sorry about my rant but my question is for those who have come off clomid what was your cycle like after stopping it and has any one ever had a neg test at 5 weeks and later got a psitive


Sometimes your body can get messed up when coming off clomid. Maybe since you had a neg bloodwork you just ovulated really late. And no, a neg blood test is true. The hormone HAS to be in the blood. I’ve seen girls not have it in their urine, but it HAD to be in the blood. Hopefully you get some answers soon. :cross: