18 month old won't sleep in crib


My friend is having this issue with her daughter. I thought maybe the ladies here might have some ideas. Her 18 mos old daughter goes down to bed (sometimes fights it) and then wakes up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. It is not just crying; my friend describes it as a fear scream. She tries to let her CIO but it doesn’t stop. So she gets her and takes her into their bed where she sleeps well. Now mind you, my friend is 9 months pregnant and desperate for any rest she can get. Otherwise she might fight it more.

Any ideas of things to try? She needs to get her daughter to sleep in her own room before the baby comes (planned c/s on Monday).


maybe the little girl is having night terrors? Not sure what she can do maybe just cuddle with the little one for a few and put her back down to sleep in the crib. my Ped. told us if it is night terrors you should leave them alone and they will settle themselves I could never do that so I usually went in and made sure she was ok. normally she asked for a snack I gave it to her and she went back to sleep. Maybe she can call the ped and ask them what they suggest if it is night terrors.


I have no good solution at least one that is going to solve the issue by Monday. Blaine is terrified of the crib and always has been. He sleeps in a toddler bed next to me. He goes down at 9pm and sleeps til 8am. It solved all the fighting and screaming.
plus when he does wiggle and cry in his sleep I can usually place my hand on his back and he calms right down and doesn’t wake completely.
I would suggest regular bedtime and more importantly regular wake-up time. She may consider lettting her sleep in her room. She may sense that her world is about to change and feeling a bit insecure about it.
She may just need to go into her room and spend some time soothing her. Doesn’t help with the sleep issue though.
Blaine would never calm himself either. He would scream until he lost his voice and sometimes broke out in hives. CIO didn’t seem like the best solution for us.