1PN (pronucleus) blast transfer --Success?


Hi everyone,
I’ve been reading the posts for over a year now, but decided to join now. This is our third IVF. During the first one, we had 3 normal aCGH tested blasts. We transferred one, and I miscarried at 9 weeks. Turns out it had a mosaic condition that aCGH misses. We transferred the remaining two through one FET and after the second IVF when we ended up with no normal embryos after aCGH testing. Both negative. Fast forward to our third IVF. We tested 6 embryos on day 5, and the only two normals were from embryos that exhibited only 1 pronucleus (normally 2 should be visible) at the time when the lab performed its normal check of fertilization. They obviously let them grow, and on Day6, they were rated 5AA and 6AA. We transferred both after a very long discussion with the lab director who basically said that they might have missed the second pronucleus due to the timing of the check performed and there are obviously risks even though aCGH showed “normal” results on 23 chromosomes. Has anyone had success with 1PN embryos that grew into blastocysts and were transferred?
I am 37 and my husband is 39. We have a daughter (almost 5) who was conceived naturally. No problems conceiving. We went through genetic testing of both of us and there are no known issues. Our embryos always look great, but obviously looks are deceiving in our case…