1st beta test in april 2013


Hello all,

Please join this thread and put your suggestion here…i just finished my 2nd frozen embryo transfer on 30th march…8dpo3dt today …

I had just lil bit tingling around my stomuch which comes and goes also today had pulling sensation started from right left abdominal to neval and today mrng hot fluss but just once…and also had warm temp(37)…now acidity feelings which also comes abd goes…all the feelings are very little…

Anyone had the similar feelings? pls let me know …what do u think its sogn of preggo? 2ww is hard for me i knw we all hav hard time but pls you all put ur feelings here and continue this thread…

Waitting for your all reply…


One of the symptoms I had right before getting my BFP with my son was that “tingling” you described. It went from my nipple to my naval, and was very strange!! Unfortunately, I had this sensation again recently on a BFN cycle, and realized it (like everything else) was a side effect of the progesterone. But if you aren’t on progesterone, I’d say this is a good sign. Best wishes!


April beta 2013

Thank you so much for the reply… Whenever i post thread and no one response so i feel so good when i saw ur reply…

you also planning for ivf? i get hunger a lot… EX: if i just eat rice with veggies its not enough so i have to eat something like lentils with roti then i get satisfied…normally its not like this…

Also my temp is also increasing … I feel so warm so i checked my temp and yesterday mrng it was 37 and night it was 37.1 but it comes abd goes?

Omg i m getting mad seriouslly bcoz want baby so badly:((((

If anyone had this exp let me know… Also all the things automatically i observe but not putting focus into that…


Normally, I only read this threads and never write back but I thought I should this time :slight_smile: I’m 7dp3dt today and I have exactly the same “symptoms” as you described. Im currently taking 1cc PIO every day and I read a lot that all of this could be a side effect of that shot as well.
Also, I’m extremely tired and hungry! I could eat all day and really trying to be careful with that. DH and I went out to eat today and I smelled someone smoking, Im not a smoker but never the smell had bother me that much as today, I was about to … (sorry, TMI)
Are you going to POAS? Im doing my best to avoid them! My beta is Friday 12th, when is yours?
:bsv: to all of us going thru this 2ww torture right now!


April beta 2013…

Wow thanks for the reply…:slight_smile:

Anywyz what is 1cc and why are taking it? I m not on PCOS…this is your first cycle? Mine is second…first one was chemical so this time used frozen embryo abd still have 5 frozen embryo left but ofcrse hope will get success with this embryo…i stopped to eat outside food and eating healthy food at home…still i didnt open my envelop and checked date for the beta test but i think it should on 12th april or coulpe of days later bcoz of weekend but will check date today and let you know…

When did you transfer embryo? Its fresh or frozen? Are you on progesterone? I m doing natural ivf cycle…its 9th day today after embryo transfer and 3dt and what about you?

If you get time pls let us know…i like to read if anyone has similar symtoms like me…

I wish you get your BFP and sendibg you lots of HUgs :)))))…


April 2013

Wanna b seems your symtoms are very good bcoz i read that hunger, smelling sign of preg? Again we never know untill wont get result …did u had tingling or pulling sensation?

You also used 3dt similar like me …


This is my first IVF so it’s fresh, I had my trigger shot on 3/26, Egg Retrieval on 3/28 and transfer 2 embryos on 3/31. Today I’m 7 days post transfer. Im taking my PIO (Progesterone in oil) shots right now daily, 1cc is the dosage. I’m also using Estrogen patches until my beta day (4/12)
And yes! I’m having a lot of pulling/light cramping sensation. We have only one frozen embryo so we really really hope this works!!!
I hope and :pray: we get our :bfp: !!!
How many embryos did you transfer? are you going to test at home before your beta?


April 2013

I just checked my beta test also on 12th april:)…last time i did HPT test and it was negative and was very hard to handle it so i hav decided not going to do it this time…just one embryo transfer and what about you? How many transferred?

I just saw brown watery discharge comming i m worried just hoping its not sign for AF :((…are you going to test at home?

Hope will get BFP…


Hi just checking in to see how everything is going for you??