1st Failed IVF - Another Fresh or Try Frozen?


Just looking for opinions. I had a recent failed IVF, my first cycle. We only transferred one 5-day blast per our own desires and clinic suggestion since twins run rampant already in our families and we worried about one of the embryos splitting.

We had 6 blasts frozen, so my question is, should we try a frozen cycle or go with another fresh one? What are the success rates of Frozen? If we do frozen we’ll probably put 2 in and hope for the best. Thanks for the opinions, just looking for some advice.


Frozen makes sense when you have them.

Nationwide, 35.6% of transfers of frozen embryos resulted in live birth in 2009. Might be a little higher by now. It varies among clinics.

You can probably find the success rates of your clinic with frozen embryos here:

SART: IVF Success Rates

If they are not found there, they should be found here:

National Summary and Fertility Clinic Tables | Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report | CDC Reproductive Health


I’m sorry your first transfer didn’t work :frowning:

Personally, I would try a FET. Your body isn’t on meds so it’s a much less stressful on your body and you have them to use. Like Ghost said, FET success varies by clinic so I would check their rates and go from there. Unfortunately, the most recent is 2009 so it’s old data.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


Thanks. Hindsight we probably should’ve transferred two but we decided on one because they said everything looked good. With the FET we’ll most likely transfer 2 and hope for the best!


Hi Scrapgirl,
We are in the same boat. We only transferred one embryo in our first IVF cycle (nov) because of identicals running through my husbands family. We ended in an early chemical pregnancy. :frowning:
We also have 6 frozen embryos. Our clinic has almost identical rates for both fresh and FET but we are going to choose for 2 next time. I said I can do twins more than I can deal with no baby at all.
Good Luck with your FET. What month do you think you’ll start??


Both from a financial and physical standpoint a FET makes sense if you have extra embies- the exception being if you are of an age where if the FET didn’t work your egg quality would have significantly declined in that period of time (but you are early 30’s).

Blasts increase the chances of the FET being successful (at least at my clinic), Good Luck! How many do they recommend you thaw? Potentially you have 3 transfers worth, that’s awesome!


OMG, I was looking at the SART data for FET from non-donor embryos for my age and there was 0/6 for my age group! I was hoping to do a FET with the only snowbabies I have but will it be a waste of time and money? My RE seems confident that there may be a good one out of those 2. If I was to take the embryos to another clinic will that decrease my chances even more? Auugh. It stinks getting old


I totally agree with some of the other posters. If you have frozen embryos use them! FET’s are so much easier on your body, and they are cheaper. Good luck to you!


I think it depends also on if you are completely OOP. We don’t have fertility insurance but if we did I would do another fresh just because I would want to maybe use the frozen ones a year or two later for a sibling and be using embryos from when I was younger rather than going through a whole fresh cycle all over again when I’m older and have a baby to look after. But if you’re like me and have to pay completely OOP and it would be a financial strain to do another fresh, then do the FET.


I really agree with Hope4life.
I hadn’t thought about it that way at all.


I agree with hope4life too, if insurance is paying for it make them pay for another fresh while you are still young and have good eggs. Then hopefully you’ll get even more frozen embryos to use in the future and be done with fresh cycles! If you are paying OOP FET is much cheaper (usually less than half the cost of fresh, and the meds are way cheaper too.)

FET can be very successful. I know at my clinic the success rates are nearly the same as for fresh. Depends on the clinic and embryo quality of course but I know many many women who have had failed fresh cycles only to have successful FETs right after (I’m hoping I fall into that category too!) Best of luck to you!


yes Chelsea . me too. Do you know which month you’ll be doing your FET?? We’re thinking Feb or March 2012.


Oh Sorry Chelsea… I just read your signature. My very bad. Good Luck with your current cycle, it looks positive :slight_smile: