1st HcG shot


Hi ladies,

I went to the fertility clinic this morning and my follicle was 22mm. I still haven’t had my LH surge so they gave me this shot called Ovidrill.

Everything has gone great during my whole first clomid cycle and I’m trying to think positive. My DH and I really want to do it natural with timed intercourse. Does anyone have advice on whether we should try this way for a while or should we have gone with an IUI? Are the chances of getting pregnant greater with an IUI versus timed intercourse?

I really appreciate any help/advice. I don’t know anyone going through fertility treatments and I just need a bit of support. Like most of you I am sure, I always thought I would go off BCP and get pregnant, but you never know until you try…

Thanks ladies! :babydust:


hey there. congrats on your follie. that is a good sized one. i tried several time intercourse cycles, but that didn’t work for us so we had to move on to IUI. our take was we wanted to try each step possible insteading of going through the most invasive procedures if at all possible. unfortunately for us, those didn’t work and neither did my IUIs. we are now in our second round of IVF. i think this is a personal choice that the two of you have to make together. you need to take into consideration your tolerance of the :bfn: and finances if you aren’t succssful at each step. if you have the tolerance then take the time to try the different steps, and if you don’t then i would recommend going straight to IUI. my RE is pretty good about telling us to try for about two tries and if it doesn’t work then we will move on to the next phase. what does your RE think is most appropriate for you? i know these are tough decisions. i wish you much success in whatever you decide to do. :babydust: to you!


So I posted on Thursday (cd14) that I had my first hcg shot.
Friday evening and all Saturday morning I’ve had this stabbing pain on my left side near my hip (my mature follicle was on the left).

Has this happened to anyone? Is it ovulation pain? Does that exist? I’m a bit nervous…


I think it might be ovulation pain. I started getting the same type of pain about 37 hours after my ovidrel shot, and it continued for about 6 hours. I know i hadn’t ovulated yet at 36 hours post shot since that was when I had my IUI. I ovulated sometime after that since the next morning I had a rise in BBT.


it is probably ovulation pains. for my first IUI, my RE told me to expect pain as i had never ovulated like i would at that time (probably could have ovulated at least 5 follicles). anyway, i thought to myself, thanks for the headsup on that. it might come in handy. well about two o’clock in the morning (about 36 hours later) i was up with some of the worst pain i’ve ever felt. it was kinda like a stabbing pain. i used a heating pad to help the cramping and all was fine in about an hour. i’m pretty convinced it is ovulation pains for you, but if you have any real concerns, you should call your RE tomorrow. gl!!!


It could be ovulation pain. However, it could also be a side effect of progesterone suppositories (if that’s what your doctor prescribed).