1st Infertility Clinic Appointment


My husband and I are going to our first Infertility Clinic Appointment on December 8th. I’m kind of nervous. I don’t know what to expect. What are a few questions that you guys asked on your first appointment??


I went into our appointment very informed and prepared for many questions. However, our doc quickly put the brakes on them!

Our first appointment (after all paperwork was completed) consisted of bloodwork, a brief physical exam by the RE, and then a sit-down chat in his office. He explained that while the labs performed by other docs indicated that we had a severe male factor, that tests would need to be done on me to exclude any surprises. (Tests later indicated the potential for issues on my part…though we were not prepared for the bombing of the cycle.) After he explained the tests he wanted to do and the timing of them, we met with the financial advisor and were on our way with a schedule in hand for our procedures (hysteroscopy, sono-HSG, endometrial biopsy, cervical cultures, etc.) and our Lupron challenge test.

I would plan on listening more than asking tons of questions at first. I knew we were facing IVF the day of our first visit, but I learned a LOT before we actually did the cycle!

Good luck!


My first time was not a great experience but I’m sure its not the norm. I was asked a lot of questions had blood work ex husband had an sc and I got introduced to the wand lol fun times. However we were told in advance by the clinic what to expect. Our FS was however rude and he was not caring in any way he was acting like he didn’t know why I was there because he felt I was still young and should’ve just kept trying naturally. That was over 4 yrs ago still no baby though that may have been for the best. Either way I’m sure you’ll have a better experience and if you get one like mine don’t give up just move on to someone else. Best of luck


Thanks so much!


Too weird, I just wrote a blog entry about this. My experience was that I always figured out the questions I wanted to ask after some unexpected bump in the road…very annoying. Here is the blog…not published yet but I don’t think they’ll mind. :slight_smile:

What Should You Be Asking Your IVF Clinic? …Lots!
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For most of us who undergo IVF, it is an all encompassing and life altering experience. Like any other major event, this time of your life deserves and will be well served by a little organization and preparation. The unknown is scary and feeling like you are in the dark can add greatly to the stress of an IVF cycle. Give yourself every chance to have a more positive IVF experience, no matter what the outcome, by advocating for yourself. One great way to this is by asking the right questions.

Before you begin your cycle, make an effort to understand your diagnosis and your treatment plan. Ask your doctor to explain the goals and phases of treatment and the potential responses that you may have to medications and procedures. Having a better understanding of the entire process is crucial to managing the emotional ups and downs that many patients experience. Your physician and their team do much more than just administer your cycle; they carefully plan, execute and constantly update your medications, protocol and schedule based on your specific diagnosis and current testing. They are also the all important messengers during the process. It is important that you understand who they are, what specific jobs they do, how they disseminate information and the best way to reach them when necessary.

Start by reviewing all of the information that you have been given about your clinic, your physicians and their staff. If the information you need is not readily available, call and find out if you have been assigned a patient coordinator or head nurse, and ask them who handles things like medical records, scheduling, billing, payment and referrals, and determine the best way to contact each person. Don’t be afraid to ask – your clinic contacts will appreciate that you understand and respect that certain people have specific job functions.

Here are a few specific questions you can ask about how your clinic operates. While all of the situations may not apply to you, having basic information will be handy if you experience an unexpected bump in the road.

What should you do in the case of emergency after hours?

How do cycles and appointments get scheduled?

Are there requirements, financial or medical, for starting your cycle?

Do they offer any classes or seminars about how things work?

How and when are you monitored and how do you receive test results?

How and when will you be notified about medication instructions?

Are there certain criteria that you will need to meet to reach cycle milestones, such as a three or five day transfer or to have any extra embryo’s frozen?

[FONT=&quot]Finally, ask your contacts at the clinic what additional information, if any, they think will be the most helpful to you.[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]It is not possible to answer every question regarding your clinic ahead of time, but things will always be less com*plicated if you have a little background information, and know who to talk to, and how to contact them when the need arises.[/FONT]


[QUOTE=djnunnikhoven]My husband and I are going to our first Infertility Clinic Appointment on December 8th. I’m kind of nervous. I don’t know what to expect. What are a few questions that you guys asked on your first appointment??[/QUOTE]

This is a great question! I went in researching the facility that my husband and I are at. I wanted to know everything about the Fertility specialist we’d be working with. Know your DX!!! That’s very important. As well as your spouse’s DX.

I asked questions about education, how they worked (team mentality or individual practice), best way to get responses, how to communicate (email or phone), days my nurse and MD worked, who would be doing the u/s, what my DX was from there perspective, which IF TX would work best for us, how did they want us to pay, what options did they have for payment, would they give us details on dates payment was due, was insurance accepted, are labs included in cost, what is covered by your payments (freezing, for how long, etc), would we have to coordinate between offices for my DH procedures or would they handle it, tutorials available on how to do your medications (if youre doing injections), what are the emergency protocols, how quickly can you expect a response with a non-emergency situation. I really echo SLF’s post! Its very helpful.

I wish I would have asked more questions about the specifics of my retrieval date. Its created A LOT of anxiety about ER and TESE date. Try to nail them down as much as you can once you start your TX.

Honestly, I feel that if your heart or mind has a question then ask!! There are not stupid questions and not asking could mean the difference between getting pregnant or not.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!