1st iui


Hey galz…can anybody help me here…m really confused… i had my first iui done last friday and today m on day 9 and since day 3piui i has af like cramps on n off n day before yesterday i had a lil brown spoting only when i whiped…n today i feel like period is coming anytime…did anybody get bfp after such condition.


hello Sarris I think you should call the doctor and tell him what is going on with you. And i hope there is nothing to worry about


Kelly Dr said wait for 2 weeks…if af come we will do iui again…if u missed them after 2 weeks then come again for blood work…so i was here to ask if anybody feels the same.as if it is normal…


I understand. I don’t if be honest I’m infertile after i had nephrectomy in 2011. I book already my first appointment at Ukrainian clinic for surrogacy program.
I hope you will find the answers you are looking for up here.


Thank u kelly…n i will def pray for you wish u all the best…:slight_smile:


hello Sarris may be that is implantation bleeding, after fertilization of egg it implants itself into the uterus linings results in slight spotting. if bleeding is persistent, you should contact your doctor.