1st ivf....anyone else with similar experience?


Posting a question about my wife’s first IVF and want to see if others had a similar outcome.

We have a 5 yr old from prior natural conception. We started over 1 yr ago trying to have a second child. No issues with sperm. My wife just turned 40 (so older) and was 39 when we started this micro flare cycle. AMH was <0.05. Started 75 mg DHEA/day for 6 wks prior to starting the cycle. Response by follicle count was about 20. Response measured by hormone levels was great and appropriate and we expected a good result. 10 collected eggs all of which looked great, 7 of which fertilized but all had abnormal nuclei and were discarded.

So great treatment response that produces a lot of eggs but ones that had chromosomal abnormalities.

My wife is devastated and worried that this means all her eggs are bad. Has anyone else had this outcome and come back to have a successful pregnancy? Do we just need to be persistent and find a few good eggs?.


Bump for any input.


Bump for any input.


Bump for any input.


Bump for any input.


Bump for any input.


Bump for any input.


so sorry about your experience - I don’t have personal story to share, but based on what I have learned over the past 10 years my opinion is that with your wife’s age and [low]amh the odds are against having normal chromosomal eggs/embryos.

Have you considered donor eggs/embryos?


No success story to share

I agree. I turned 40 this summer and I also have low AMH. I have two children from natural conception and had no fertility issues when younger. We have been trying for the last two years. I can fall pregnant - have been pregnant twice - but looks like my eggs do not cut it any more. My RE thought that we could continue trying with my own eggs and he thought that after a couple of cycles, I would eventually find the one good egg. But it is too much stress. Physically and emotionally. Estrogen gave me polyps. Ton of money, less time to spend with the family that we already have. So for us the decision to turn to donor egg was easy: we wanted a baby soon with as much pain and effort as possible.

I think it could happen for you with her own eggs. But chances are really low and it would likely take long. Yes, you will probably find a few success stories here, but those fit the statistics, too. But the stakes are stacked against you.


Are you sure about her AMH? If it was really .05 I would expect little to no response to the drugs. With a follicle count of 20 and 10 eggs retrieved, that seems more indicative of a much higher AMH. With that said, it’s unlikely that all her eggs are bad at 40. There may have been an issue with the stimulation protocol that resulted in all the eggs fertilizing improperly, I don’t know. It’s quite common for a few mature eggs to fertilize incorrectly, but all 7 leads me to think something else is going on.


Thanks for the replies and sorry about the multiple bumps…intended to only bump once

The AMH is accurate. I asked the question because our Dr. said they had never seen this pattern before (great response with good fert and no membrane issues but all abnormal chromosomal findings). When we left the night of the retrieval they were pretty confident and then suprised At the outcome. The thought was that we might want to try again. We are willing to give it another try just to confirm the outcome. My wife is resistant for now for oocyte or embryo donor for now. We are some what motivated to at least see if we can get a hit with an additional try…if we were confident of getting a hit, we would stick with it for a while. We are waiting 2 mos to reduce space out the increased estrogen exposure.

Apple tree, did you stimulate well also?

We are thinking of going through one more cycle since we only have done one cycle…our Dr also suggested collecting one egg without stimulation to see if she is not reacting well.

Also, how about response to extended DHEA? Seems improvement is seen up to 6-10 mos of use from the studies. Is there any one that has seen a decent improvement given our eggs seem to fertilize well and do well in culture.

Thanks again for the input.