1st IVF Feb 2012


Holy cow, I just paid our deposit to do our first (only, until I win the lottery, which I don’t play) round of IVF. In two months, I should be in at the very least my 2ww. OMg, scary/exciting/freaking out time!!

I haven’t met with the RE yet to discuss our IVF round, so the only details I know is that I’ll start BCP probably next Monday. Anyone with IVF experience, what’s the normal routine? I know the basics, ultrasounds, meds, etc, but what CDs?



Does anyone know if the basline u/s and the 3day u/s is the same thing? Where does the mock transfer fall into place?


Hello! 1st post ever!!

I’ve been roaming around the forum and thought about posting on the Jan/Feb 2012 IVF thread, but it’s getting so big.

I will be doing my first IVF in February. As you can see in my signature, I haven’t done any treatment before, so everything will be new. I knew that I would probably have to go this route to get pregnant, but it’s still surreal that I am actually starting this process. Like many of you, I keep this kinda secret, so I am hoping to find support here to go through step by step.


Surreal is the exact word I used when talking to my husband earlier today. That January cycle cannot come soon enough. This will be my first time ever on bcp, so that’s kind of freaking me out right now. I’ve stopped remembering to take my prenatals every day after taking them for so long, I hope I don’t forget my bcp!


Count me in

I will also be doing my first and only micro IVF in February, probably the second week. I’ll have a CD2 baseline u/s and mock transfer, heavy doses of meds starting CD3-??? with ER and 1-2 day after ET. Prayers and hope to you all and I look forward to (and am scared of) this one time shot of a lifetime.


I took BCP for the first time in my life back in April when I did U/S and other testings. My body isn’t used to taking any kind of medicine, so I was afraid what this pill might do to my body. To my (good) surprise, I experienced nothing. I hope the pill will work well with your body :slight_smile: I set up my cell alarm for my pill so that I don’t skip one.

The holiday season usually goes by fast. I don’t know if I want it to go by fast or slow this year.


I also have joined the Jan/Feb cycle group but I feel a little out of place as it seems most of the women are in January. This is also our first IVF, I have no idea what to expect but we have our schedule.

My initial checkup was good, everything is normal.

Start BCP with my cycle in January (around the 8th), Start Lupron 1/20, baseline 2/3 and estimated ER is February 14-17th.


Here we go!

So AF decided to finally show up this evening. I emailed my nurse, and she already called out my BCP scrip. I start it on Friday, after bloodwork for FSH, Estradiol, Inhibin B, and AMH. I have to scheduled an AFC ultrasound for early next week. I’ll be on BCP until they tell me to stop, and the Feb round starts Feb 13th.

I still feel kind of clueless in the whole overall process. And I feel bad emailing my nurse again and again when she’s out of the office for the remainder of the week. But, she’s fabulous and has emailed me 3 times already tonight!

So nerve-racking!


Hello Everyone! I am just starting on my next round of IVF so this isn’t my first one but I hope it is ok that I join you. My have been through 4 rounds of IUI, one IVF and one FET which led to the birthday of my son last April. My husband and I are now back to IVF trying for baby #2. I will be calling my RE with my Day 1 in January. Hoping for good results and a good ultrasound so we can start the IVF meds in January.

Wishing :bfp: for everyone!!

12/09 1st IUI :bfn:
1/10 2nd IUI cancelled due to cyst
2/10 3rd IUI :bfn:
5/10 1st IVF :bfp:
1st Beta 51
2nd Beta 96
3rd Beta 136
4th Beta 76
miscarriage at 6 weeks

8/16 1st FET transferred two 5 day blasts
8/25 1st Beta 246
8/27 2nd Beta 540 :clap:
9/3 1st ultrasound it’s twins!:preg: :preg:
9/10 2nd ultrasound one strong heartbeat. One yolk sac
9/23 3rd ultrasound Baby A heart rate 178 :cheer: . Baby B is vanishing :wings:
4/18/11 one health baby boy is born!!

12/05/11 IUI :bfn:


I want to join to

Hello Ladies!!!

I would like to join you all also. I have joined the Jan./Feb. forum as well. There are some really nice knowledgeable. It seems like I will be cycling in February. I started my bcp on 12/22 and did my CD2 blood work. I’m now waiting for my RE to give me further instructions.

Have any of you ladies started using any herbs or special vitamins?


Had my AFC u/s today, everything looks good. I got a tentative calendar for med doses and additional appointments. I’m waiting to hear from my “coordinator” to see what I need to do next.

Financially, my grandfather was great at planning ahead, so we’re able to borrow against some life insurance to help pay the IVF bills. I hate to do it, but I also hate to go into debt just trying to have a baby. If this doesn’t work, guess I better start playing the lottery! :wink:

How are things progressing with the rest of you?


AF will be here at the end of January, early Feb. Micro stimming protocols with u/s and mock transfer CD1 or 2. Femara CD3-7 adding 450u follistim on CD6-9 and a u/s day 9 to see what’s happening.

I’ve had anywhere from 2-6 follies on Femara alone so:cross: :pray: that we see some mature follies that have some good eggs to give this last shot a worthwhile try.

Crap load of meds with the Crinone, Estrace, Doxy, ?Ganirelix if needed, ovidrel X 2, etc etc.

Scary and I haven’t cut the first check yet…LOL


My doc starts prepping for the IVF round early. I take BCP up until the 29th, which is about 5 weeks. I start Lupron and Dexamethasone around the 25th. I should expect bloodwork and an U/S around Feb 1, then add Follistim on the 6th, one vial of Menopur on Feb 10th. I take all three through Feb 12th, and plan for more bloodwork and u/s on Feb 13th. Then it’s all wait and see what they say. All I can say is that’s a lot of friggin’ drugs! I dread the bills for the medicine more than anything. At least with the actual IVF, I know how much it will cost. My transfer should be somewhere around Feb 20th. I asked my RE how many follicles he likes to see and he said 12! Holy smokes!! I’m not looking forward to that! I had 3-4 good ones with both IUI’s, and I was feeling it then. 12 is going to suck!! But, I’m going to try VERY hard to not complain! :wink:


I’m doing good here, onlyneed1 I think we’re on a close schedule my ER is around Feb 14-17 (depending on response) and my RE typically does a 5 day transfer so transfer around 19-22 :slight_smile:

As soon as my :af: gets here any day I’m starting BCP.

I’m so nervous!


getting a little antsy…just sayin’ :wink:


Good Morning Ladies:

It has been a while since I posted. I’m finally getting in the swing of my IVF cycle. I finally got my protocol on Monday when my RE reopened. Looks like I will be starting a second round of birth control on day 3 of :af: . They have decided to do a birth control with no Lupron overlapping cycle. Not sure if anyone of you are doing this cycle or even heard of it. From my research this is supposed to be a new way of doing the IFV cycle with less shots. Anywho, I will take my last bcp on 2/12/12 and go in for b/w & u/s on 2/16/12. Which is when I will start my stims. I have a tentative date for my ER as 2/27/12 and my ET will be between 3/1/12 or 3/3/12 not sure yet. We are hoping to be :preg: for our one year anniversary. :woohoo: Everything is finally coming together and I :pray: that this works out I only got one shot.

I happy to see that you ladies are coming along in your cycles and my :cross: for a successful cycle for everyone.


I think this is the group for me since I just started my BCP last Monday, Jan 9. We are going to have our IVF consult on the 19th to get my calendar. I’m excited yet scared… This will be our last try so hopefully it works for us.

Let’s get [B]PREGGY[/B] in February!!!:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


1st IVF

Hi All,

I would love to join this group. I am currently undergoing my 1st and only IVF round (due to insurance). I have already started my meds. Been on BCP’s for 2 weeks and just started Lupron 3 days ago. My ER/ET should be in the beginning of February, around the 4th or 5th. So far the Lupron is kicking my butt. I Haven’t slept more than 2 hours each night I have taken it. After Lupron I move to another shot (can’t remeber the name) and then the trigger shot. I will also take estrace once the ET is completed. This whole process is very scary and overwhelming. We are going to transfer 2 embies but the thought of twins scare me and I am hoping for only a singleton. I look forward to going through this journey with all of you. :cross: :cross:


:welcome: :welcome: NEON1717:





Hi Passion,

I was never really good of keeping track of what cycle day I am on. I started BCP’s on 12/26 for 21 days. I have also started Lupron this past Monday 1/9/12 and will be on that for 10 days so I will be overlapping BCP’s and Lupron for about a week. I will then have my supression check on 1/19/12 and if all is good i will start my stims that night. The trigger shot really scares me, the needle is huge!!!