1st round and looking for some support!


[FONT=Helvetica]Hi all, I’m new and I’m not usually one to post in public forums but this ttc thing has got me needing support! DH and I started our first round of clomid this last month. None of our families know that we’re trying and we don’t really want to tell them because we’re worried they’ll get their hopes up. We’re struggling enough with our worries! [/FONT]
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[FONT=Helvetica]I’m trying to stay positive. After all this is only our first round, the Challenge Test actually, so we may have a long journey ahead of us to find out what’s really going on. I took the clomid as prescribed and was really excited to see what I took to be a positive on my first OPK last Saturday. Honestly I don’t even know if I’ve ever ovulated on my own. My periods have always been whacky and we just now decided we want to try for a baby. Earlier this year I had an ultrasound done to see if they could diagnose the irregular periods. The technician doing the ultrasound said everything looked normal, only to find out when the results came back that I had “too numerous to count, small 1mm cysts” on both ovaries. Of course my first thought was how these were going to affect my fertility. I google EVERYTHING so I tried to see if these were common. I assumed I have PCOS but there are so many other symptoms that go along with it that I DON’T have. I suppose that can happen, not everyone gets them all. Then I thought maybe I had some crazy form of endometriosis, but my periods have never been particularly painful, just irregular. They’re not very heavy or anything like that. So I’m not really sure what I’ve got going on. Anyway, they gave me progesterone to kick start a period and then said to take 100 mg of clomid on days 5-9. I went for the standard blood tests on days 3 and 10 and was feeling hopeful that we would find out what’s up. Well I took that OPK and think I got a positive so DH and I BD for 3 days to cover our bases (they still haven’t checked him out btw, I think they just figured they’d start with me given my irregular history). But after that positive OPK on Day 13, I started bleeding on Day 15, and not ovulation spotting, I mean bleeding, like a period. Actually heavier than my usual. And as of today, on CD 18, I’m still bleeding. It can’t be implantation, that’s too soon and given the amount of blood, its crazy to think that an egg could even stay in there if the lining is shedding so quickly. And I just had that forced period 2 weeks ago. Why am I bleeding so much right after I supposedly ovulated??? There’s really no pain with it, some really mild lower back pain and I’ve have night sweats, hot flashes etc. But nothing too alarming. Just the bleeding. Its so frustrating. And of course it seems everyone around me is pregnant or just had a baby. I never thought I’d get to the point where I want a baby so bad I’m going crazy. But boy did I get bit by THAT bug quicker than I thought lol[/FONT]
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[FONT=Helvetica]And the more I read, the more freaked out I get. But I know I need to be patient. But I never thought it would be so HARD! This is what brings me here, to reach out and get some real support from people who’ve been there. I called the doctor today just to get some peace of mind and let them know I’m bleeding more than I think is normal so they can see what we need to do. But they said the doctor was out but they’d have a nurse call me back. No call back as of yet and its almost the end of the work day. I don’t want to be a pest but I’m just looking for someone to tell me its going to be alright…thanks for reading my ridiculously long thread! If anyone needs to vent I’m here to listen and offer as much support as I can. It can make a huge difference just having someone to lean on who’s going through the same thing! Keep your heads up, sending lots of positive thoughts and baby dust your way![/FONT]
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[FONT=Helvetica]Hello im just going to start the IVF process april 2012 which will be my husband and i 1st child i can imagine what you are going through i felt that my world crumbled when dr.s gave me the news that one of tubes is blocked i am 32 yr have a lot of faith,and pray all goes well for you sending good vibes your way and pls keep us posted![/FONT]


With PCOS, you can get a rough idea of the situation from Wikipedia, but basically, there are a bunch of symptoms that can go with PCOS, and of the three main symptoms, you need to have two out of the three to be diagnosed. Since the “string of pearls” cysts and the oligomenorrhea/amenorrhea (irregular or missing periods) are both on that list, I wouldn’t be surprised at all for you to be diagnosed with PCOS. I forget if you said, but are you currently seeing an RE or a fertility specialist? I’d see one of those right away to get a diagnosis, and you can go from there.

Just as a heads up, as if PCOS weren’t fun enough on its own, OPKs don’t work very well for PCOS patients because you tend to produce more of the hormones they check for, so you can get a lot of false positives. I gave up on using them. There are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes with PCOS regarding ovulation, like you may start bleeding but it’s not technically a period because you never ovulated, that sort of thing. I would suggest that the best thing to do is be seen by a doctor (and not just an OB–they may be able to point you in the right direction but you need one who really knows PCOS and fertility treatments). And get started right away! There’s no reason to wait and use up all your emotional energy TTC on your own when you could be getting real help. :.) Best of luck!


Hi, mjones. I totally understand the feeling. This is my first time writing in a forum too. I can relate to you, since I have a similar story. The bleeding could be the periods, since you might have irregular uterine lining given irregular periods, and OPKs can become positive because of menstural hormone levels as well. So just be patient, it will happen. I know it can be very frustrating, to a point that it can make a person go crazy, especially when it seems everyone around is having babies. Just hang in there, our happy moment is not far either.