1st Ultrasound after being on gonal f


Hi Everyone!!
I am new to this forum and IVF world!!
I am going thru my 1st round of IVF. I had been on lupron (still am) and then gonal f at 225 for 2 days and 150 for 2 day. I had my ultrasound yesterday and i had only 2 follicles measuring 10 and 12
My e2 was 170. How these results? good luck to everyone going thru IVF this month!!!


I wish someone would write back !!

i am just waiting for a response…


Hey Chika,

My first protocol started with lupron but that cycle was cancelled (see signature) so I never got to the lupron (am) Gonal F (pm) part of the cycle. However, I did an Antagonist protocol next where I started stimming during my period. And on my first u/s they it showed 8 follicles.

The only advice I can give is that it only takes one follicle with an egg to make your baby, so please don’t worry about the fact that you only had two follicles because more can definately show up at your next ultra sound! 10 and 12 sound like great numbers to me as those were the size of mine (some were smaller) the give you the HcG as a trigger to help them grow before retrieval so just hang in there.



Hi hopefulmomtob,
thank u for responding!!
i dont understand all the abbreviations!!! so i seen your signature and how you started a new plan etc but i dont know what all that means… but i seen as of right now you could be pregnant!!! I wish you the best and i go for another ultrasound and blood tomorrow…:pray: