1st ultrasounds today


Just wondering how the u/s went today for those who had the first one???!!!


Hi :slight_smile:

I didn’t do a ultrasound, sorry, but I saw in your signature that you tested positive with a hpt 9do5dt. I was wondering whether this was your first time testing, or did you test negative until then?
I am 8dp5dt now, and tested negative on a ept digital this morning. I know I am probably out, but I did see a few times that ppl didn’t test positive before 8 or even 9dp5dt, specially with a digital. Just wondering how it went for you up to when your test was positive…


Hi Ready!
My first hpt was 9dp. I did not test before then. So I have no idea when it first went positive. But you can see my first beta at 12dp was only 88, so I bet I wouldn’t have tested positive too much sooner! Oh, and I did not use a digital. Bought a 3-pack of First Response. The waiting game is the most insane thing! Good luck to you!