2 failed IVF, need advise


Hi, girls

As you can see from my sig, I just got another BFN. I am worried there there is something else is going on with our embies.

Our fertilization rate (with ISCI) is great, so I was hoping to have 5 day transfer, but they dont seem to make it that far.

What should I ask my RE to do next. any more testing?

Thank you and :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


First off, I am sorry that you have had to go through another BFN.

As you can see from my signature, I’ve had my share of failures…but I haven’t given up. Before I switched REs, I was told that my only chance would be with donor eggs. I couldn’t wrap my head around that one…I mean, I’m still young and I produce plenty of eggs…my fertilization rate is always reasonable. My current RE diagnosed me with PCOS (I only have the pearl necklace…no other symptoms/markers) and he put me on metformin. We did one cycle shortly thereafter and it was a bust…my embies made it to early blasts and morulas, but they were pretty crappy. Afterwards, during my WTF meeting I threw all sorts of scenarios at my RE and we came up with a plan. He allowed me to do a FSH dominant cycle where I started out on Follistim pure and once my E2 and follies were at the right point I started Ganirelix and Menopur. Apparently PCOSers can have a reaction to the testosterone response with the LH in Menopur if it is started too early. Given the change in protocol, I produced embryos that were 4AB and 4BB for transfer and I ended up with 5 snowbabies. During all five of my other cycles, I only had one snowbaby. My RE was flabergasted that I didn’t get pregnant. However, he had a suspicion that all of the hormones were screwing with my uterine lining making my uterus somewhat hostile to the embryos; I knew his suspicions when we did the transfer, but everything seemed too perfect to pass up. I will be doing an FET in January with the two hatching blasts that we froze. The RE is about as certain as one can be with these things that we will find out success with this FET. I know it might not seem like much as I have not achieved a viable pregnancy to date, but to go from having mediocre at best embryos and being told a donor was my only hope as my eggs were of a too poor quality, to creating nearly perfect embryos an having snowbabies, I count that as success and it will be perfected when our FET works!!

As far as testing goes, I’ve done just about everything with Natural Killer Cell Testing, Thrombophilia, APA and some other immune testing (it was something like 17 vials of blood)…plus we did a new saline sono and a hysteroscopy. Really the only thing that we haven’t done to date is an endometrial biopsy. My old RE wouldn’t do any testing on me even though it is covered by insurance and I asked for it. My current RE did the testing and found that I am compound heterozygous for MTHFR…which just means I have to take NeevoDHA (prenatals for MTHFR), baby aspirin and Lovenox.

Good luck if you choose to continue down this path. I wish I could have convinced an RE to listen to me sooner…perhaps I could have found my magic protocol and my success by now. Knowing that I cannot change the past, I am looking positively towards our next step…(yes, with some anxiety, but I’m certain this will work for us)…


Thank you for support

RE called tonight… He does not any reason for concern. Embryos are average quality, which I guess is expected, but overall the 2 they picked last time were growing and looked promising.

All in all, he said that only 1 in 5 make it to blast. That was my main concern.

We will likely try again in Jan :rolleyes: