2 Faint positves but negative digital


Hi ladies, I need some some hope. I am currently 9dp5dt I got a very faint line 8dp5dt on FRER and another faint line this morning. So I decided to try a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant :frowning: My beta is friday but I am going nuts until then. Has this happened to anyone else?


Usually the threshold for the digitals is much higher than the line tests (I’ve seen some line tests register levels as low as 8, digitals need at least 50). It’s very very possible that you’re totally knocked up but having hit the magic number for the digital test yet. But a line is a line - so YAY!! Congrats!! Probably the digital will catch up in a few days.


This happened to me. Days of faint lines and negative digitals before I finally got a “pregnant” on the digital. It was so stressful!! The morning it finally showed “pregnant”, I called my RE. They ordered the beta that day, and it came back at 96. The digital claimed to be sensitive to 25, but I don’t think so.


Yep, what they said! First Response tests are SO sensitive, I got a BFP an hour before my beta came back at 7!!! And the digitals are usually 50 and up. I bet you’ll be BFP on the digital soon. :slight_smile: GL to you!


Thanks ladies, I feel better:) A faint line is still a line:) I would rather see a faint one then no line. I think I will stay away from the digital for now:) With my second IVF that resulted in the birth of my daughter my beta was only 50. I am hoping that is the same case right now:)


I had this happen, had 2 faint positives my RE did a beta and it came back at 30, I didn’t get a pregnant on a digital until a day and half after my first beta.


Digital HPTs have a higher sensitivity. They say 50miu … however i think they run closer to 45ish. I have had that happened on 2 of my cycles. BFP with FRERs or Dollar tree test and NOT PG on EPT digi.
The morning of my beta (6dp5dt) I broke down and took my 3rd digi as I had 2 NOT PG readings the 2 days before but BFPs on other test. The digi finally came back PG and beta that day was 48.
If your getting BFPs on other test dont stress yourself out with the digis. they aren’t as sensitive