2 follicles - 30mm, IUI twice, negaitve?


Hi there,
My fiancee and I are toward the end of our 2ww.
She went in for an ultrasound and bloodwork on Feb 13th and ultrasound showed 2 30mm follicles. (She was on 100mg of clomid FYI). So the doctor did the trigger shot and inseminated right there and then with 1 vile of sperm. Then the next morning, she went back in and he inseminated her again with the 2nd vile. He said he did this just in case she ovulated throughout that night. He didn’t want to miss it.
She goes in for bloodwork this Friday. Technically the doc said we could come in Thursday to test but my fiancee works all day so she is going Friday. But we took a pee test this morning (well 2)…first response and a wondfo strip test. Both negative. So I’m wondering if this is a terrible sign that she isn’t pregnant. How accurate is this test at this time I’m the cycle?
Also my fiancee pees a few times at night (she always has). So she peed last night at 2:30am and then again when she woke up at 5:30am and that’s when she did the pregnancy test. Is this pee strong enough for the test?

Also if she is not pregnant this cycle (this is our second IUI). Are there any tips anyone can give us to better our chances?
What makes pregnancy not stick when all the ducks seem to be lined up?
Also should we consider switching donors?

Any advise would be great. Thanks so much


[SIZE=3]30mm follie seems to be too big. It may have passed its mature stage (and is now too old). Most RE’s like to see follies at 17-18mm. Then administer the trigger to give the follie the signal for final maturation and ovulation. IUI is usually 36 hours after the trigger shot BUT since the follie was so big your RE probably thought it was best to do the IUI that day. First Response early detection is one of the best PG tests. I would assume she would have received her BFP today but try not to worry and retest tomorrow. Some women have better luck with mid-day urine verse morning. My tests lines were always stronger with mid-day urine. Best wishes and don’t give up. What cycle day was your fiancée u/s & what cycle days did she take the clomid? If this cycle does not work ensure your fiancée has a follicle u/s CD 9, 10 or 11. Seems like the RE seen her too late. [/SIZE]


I agree with Webelieveinmiracles and worry that at 30mm, the follicle was overmature. Do you know what her E2 and LH were?

Although she’s 14 days past the first IUI, it could still be too early for an hpt as she hadn’t ovulated yet at the time of that IUI.

I hope the beta comes back BFP! But in the event it doesn’t, I’d ask for more monitoring for future cycles so that your timing can be more in line with the norm.


Thanks guys. I don’t have her numbers on me…and she forgets what they were. We should probably keep track of these better. She thinks her LH was a little over 200. But she will find out her numbers on Friday from the doctor and I’ll post.

And the doctor said her follicles were the absolute perfect size and he also said that she had not released an egg at the time she has the ultrasound so it wasnt too late. What happens to follicles that are too mature?

If she gets a BFN, we are going to ask the doctor for more monitoring.
I’m still hoping for our BFP!


Hmm - I doubt her LH over 200. It should generally hover around the 5 mark and when she has her surge, shoot up over about 25-30. Maybe she’s thinking of her E2, although that seems a bit low for 2 mature follicles.

When the follicle is overmature, the egg generally won’t fertilize. But he’s the doctor - maybe for her 30mm is perfect!


[FONT=“Arial”][COLOR=“Blue”]I agree with everyone else, 30 sounds high. Like they said, it was probably too mature. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else you can do to better your chances. Follicles may contain and egg, and they may not, there isn’t a way for the doctor to know for sure. Remember IUI still gives you the same percentage of getting pregnant as conceiving naturally. The doctor is just helping the sperm along by putting it where it needs to be. It can take a few cycles to get the medication and timing right. I know how frustrating it can be, but just be patient and I’m sure it will all get worked out.
As for the PG test, I would say it’s possible it’s still too early if she didn’t ovulate right away. I don’t think her going to the bathroom at 2:30 would have had too much effect.
Good luck to you both!![/FONT]


Hi guys, just reporting back that her blood test came back a BFN :frowning:
So we try try again. She just got her period yesterday so yay! :slight_smile:

As promised, I got her levels from the doctor on Friday. When she was inseminated, they were:
E2 - 696
LH - 26.3
Prog. - 1.5

Left side -

Right side:

Thoughts on her levels?


Sorry to hear you got a BFN…it’s so hard to go through that, especially when it seems chances are so good for it to work.

In actuality, she didn’t have two 30 mm follicles, she had a 26 and a 20.5, and a bunch too small to mature (they average the dimensions when calculating size). Both are in the okay range for my RE’s office. My RE says they don’t get worried until they are 30+. My last cycle (BFP) I had a 25, 17.5, 16.5 and 14.5 and a few smaller ones on the day I triggered. I have one baby cooking (I would guess the 17.5, but it truthfully could be any of the others). When I had my son, I had a 20mm and a 23mm the day before my IUI.

When I had unmonitored cycles on Clomid (no u/s or bw), they just had me do an ovulation predictor kit at home and I’d go in 24 hours after getting a +OPK (I used the smiley face ones so no question whether it was +). I got pregnant twice using that method. That said, I had much better success using a trigger and then having IUI 36 hours after trigger. I would guess they’d have her come in for an u/s close to when she normally ovulates on Clomid and check for follies that are big enough to trigger (17-18mm). If she had some, they’d have her trigger and come in 36 hours later for an IUI. This has worked for me on two consecutive cycles.

My DH and I also use donor and it really does take a little while for it to work. It took us five IUIs for our first child (3 unmedicated, 2 Clomid) then eight IUIs for what seems to be a successful pregnancy so far for baby #2. We did conceive on IUI #4, #7 and #8 when TTC#2 though. Don’t give up hope that it hasn’t worked after two tries. I know it seems like it should work right away, but even fertile couples doing things the old-fashioned way sometimes take months even when timing everything perfectly. I hope your next cycle is a success!!

Also, as far as her other levels go - her E2 is good and probably reflects 2 mature eggs (my RE says figure 200-400 indicates one mature egg). Her LH indicates that she was surging (preparing to ovulate), but her progesterone indicates she hadn’t ovulated yet.


I ditto Kris79’s analysis.

I’m sorry for your BFN.