2 IUIs, 3 IVFs, 1 DE cycle, 1 Embryo Adop all BFN, running out of hope :(


I really need to hear from someone out there that has been through a similar experience and eventually got that BFP!!

I started my fertility journey three years ago, at the ripe age of 38. I’ve been with the same RE, starting out w/ IUIs on clomid then injectables, all ending in BFN. I moved onto 3 IVF cycles, all ending in BFN (RE said poor egg quality due to age). We decided to move to a proven egg donor (who had two successful donor cycles w/ other patients and both of those ladies are pregnant). My DE cycle ended in a miscarriage at 6wks. AGAIN, RE said poor egg quality (with the donor eggs) and there was nothing left to freeze from that cycle. Then we moved onto embryo adoption (embryos came from a couple that used donor eggs), this couple transferred one blast and had a baby girl from that cycle.

We transferred 2 embies (1 8cell and 1 6cell) and I just found out today that my first FET from this embryo adoption is a BFN! I cant take it anymore! I’m waiting to get my call from my RE to tell me…poor egg quality again…ughhhhhhh!

Please share any stories that may give me hope that I shouldnt just give up! We’ve already spent close to 50K that we barely could afford. My DH doesnt want to keep “throwing our money away”.

I’m so sad right now…:frowning: If I had a child already I may be able to accept this a little better but we have none.


I know how you feel it’s easy to want to throw in the towel. It sounds like your body is trying, it’s circumstances that are keeping it from happening. Try not to give up hope and keep believing that it will happen and it will. Have you thought about switching doctors? Sometimes just trying something new will hit you in the right spot and work. I have my :cross: for you.


I am so sorry you have gone through so much. I know that age is a huge factor but has your RE did any blood work? I found out after my first mc that I have these antibodies that was preventing the blood to flow to the embryo. So after I ovulate I start 2 shots of heprin, 1 shot of progestrine, 1 asprin and a steriod. You did get pregnant so that is a great sign. AFM, it is all age related so we are moving onto adoption and exploring embryo adoption. I think we will adopt b/c there are so many children who need love and a good family and we want to give it. BUT this IF is a hard road to travel and very expensive. We are all not Celine Dion who can afford 7 IVFs! You may want to explore acupuncture along with everything else. The main thing is that you are NOT ALONE and there is so much support on this site…



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