2 most important supplement for Hubby to take


Hubby doenst like taking any pills. he has very poor morphology (0%) and he eats relatively healthy, but not many fruits and veggies. I try and sneak them in here and there. We want to TTC again and he still smokes (I wish he would quit, but i cant expect miracles here…) anyways, i know antioxidants would be a good thing for him too considering he smokes and his poor morph.

SInce he hates taking anything, I need to come up with the 2 most important suppleements that i think he should take adn then i would probably be able to convince him to take them 2 pills. Or anything that is in a liquid form that i could “hide” in his smoothies, or something like that would be great too. Thanks alot, Rach

I also have high FSH… 14 or 15 is the highest ive had. Any suggestions for me also???


Pyconogenol and CoQ10. But more than anything he needs to wear boxers or something loose. Avoid hot-tubs, hot baths, etc… Heat DESTROYS morphology.

P.S. My hubby hates vitamins, but I bought him the gummy ones, and he loves them cuz they’re like candy!


Hello sweet ladies, i suggest to add the following foods in meals , salads , so he wont feel like taking pills


Royal Jelly
Nigella sativa seeds
radish seeds
Carrot seeds
Mixed Raw nuts
fresh oysters
Pumpkin seeds
horney goat weed

now for the most important
Vitamen E & ZINC as per medical studies


or he just take one pill contains all like
stress tabs with zinc

or fertility drinks