2 Negative HPT's but I feel Pregnant


I have had two short periods for the last two months, each lasting only 2 days. My periods are usually four to five days and go away slowly. The last two all of a sudden stopped and went away with no light spotting or anything. I have a 31 day cycle and i usually start my period around the 30 or 31st of every month. My stomach has been very very bloated and gassy, especially after eating. My boobs were soar but that comes and go. I have had some mild headaches and a few food cravings. Sometimes when I lay on my back, I feel little flutters for a few seconds. When I’m sitting around, sometimes I feel nauseated. I have taken one dollar store pregnancy test (September) and it came back negative after the first short period. The next month (October) after the second short period, I took an equate pregnancy test and it came back negative (a very light negative). Me and my fiance’ have been having unprotected sex since August. My stomach looks like it is getting bigger or either it is just bloated, not sure. Can someone please give me some helpful advice?



I would suggest you go to your family doctor and request a blood test for HCG. it is the only way to know whether you are pregnant or not.

I have had two friends and know of at least two others who never tested positive on HPTs. I believe its rare but it can happen. However blood tests do not lie!

At least if the blood test is done you will know either way. If you are you get the right follow up, if you arent then at least your Doctor can start investigating what is going on.

Good Luck! x



yes, i agree…
You should visit a doctor for more confirming tests (HCG blood test, ultrasound…); and also to a check up what if you have any problems with your stomach or not?!

Hope you can recovery soon!!!
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In some cases, pregnancy test couldn’t show positive results due to some reasons as follows:

  • Wrong method of taking urine
  • Having blood in the urine
  • Not enough time for HCG level to be detectable by urine test
  • Another complications
  • others…etc…

That’s why it’s gonna be better to take some other tests for result confirmation, such as HCG blood test, ultrasound…

In traditional medicine, people can feel 2 pulses & heart-beats (need experience to know exactly) at the late stage …approximately 8 - 10 weeks of pregnancy already.

Hope this information can be helpful for you!!!
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