2 ww is coming and i'm addicted to the show Walking Dead


Does watching a gory TV show during 2 ww affect my chances of getting a BFP? My retrieval is Friday :slight_smile:


Maybe it’ll help! Maybe your body will be like, “Oh crap, zombies! I need to help repopulate!” ;.)



you are too funny.

best of luck to you on Friday! :bsv:


I sure hope not because that’s all I watch!! :slight_smile:
Are you caught up on all the seasons??


Guys i gotta keep my thoughts away from my eggs for now. I am getting nervous though for tomorrow’s retrieval. It’s our last attempt. Walking Dead keeps me occupied.

No I am trying to catch up on season 2 now. My DH and I just watched 3 episodes back to back last night. I even dreamed of killing zombies now :).

Anyway I wish you all luck in your cycles. Keep yourself same through this difficult journey.


Love that show! We went on a season 3 marathon (first 8 eps) while waiting for my IVF cycle to start - I had so many zombie dreams. Have fun and good luck tomorrow.