2 Ww


Who is in the 2 ww?? When are you gonna poas??

AFM I’m on cd 19…4 DPO… I’m thinking about poas on the 21st which is cd 27 12 DPO!!
:cross: :bfp: :babydust:



I am on my 2ww too. I am on cd26 on 100mg of Clomid. Had my progesterone checked day 21 and it was another successful month on 100mg:). I think I am going to wait to do the pregnancy test. If my period does not show up :pray: for 1 week after the due date then I will do it. Last month I was 4 days late and you just get a little dissapointed when you see the negative line.
What are you symptoms this month? I have been having a little period like cramping for about 5 days now. It goes on and off. Nothing really painful though. And my boobs and armpit have been kind of itchy :). But compared to previous months I am not feeling any major symptoms:).

Good luck on your wait:). Let’s hope this is our month :pray: .


Well I’m 5 DPO… My boobs are sore I feel nausea but that is normal for me… I usually wait until AF is due to test if it doesn’t come but I like the way my chart is looking this month… I think it my temp is still up on the 21st then I will text. My cycles are 28-30 days long… 21st would be cd 27… Good luck and baby dust to you!! Keep me posted how your doing!!


I am in the 2ww. I think I am 4 dpo. I had my blood draw today so I will see what the results show tomorrow. I am on 100mg of clomid with progesterone suppositories. I have tb but that is due to the progesterone I think.


I am about 4 dpo (if I o’d). I have a appt with my dr on the 21st which is 3-4 days before af is due. He will be going out of town the following week. I’m very anxious to see what he will be able to find out that day. Crossing my fingers for a positive test this month. Hope everyone does the same!


I am also am on my 2ww right now, I usually dont POAS until after the time that AF should show up, hate the negative so I just wait for AF, keep myself busy in the meantime. AF usually comes around the 28 or so… heres to a :bfp: to all of us!!!


Heather~ Are you temping or using OPKS?

AFM I am just moving along… AF should be here in a week… I may be like you ladies and just wait to test… I dunno… LOL I am making a trip to WalMart on Monday so I thought I would just buy a test… Wishful thinking I guess…

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[QUOTE=LoveBugs02]Heather~ Are you temping or using OPKS?

AFM I am just moving along… AF should be here in a week… I may be like you ladies and just wait to test… I dunno… LOL I am making a trip to WalMart on Monday so I thought I would just buy a test… Wishful thinking I guess…

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I actually have not. My dr gave me the days to make sure we bd. I guess I was hoping that with the first few tries the clomid would just work. Next month I’m going to chart and test.


I am also in 2ww…I’m only CD 17 but so anxious. Trying to keep busy and not focus on it too much. Obviously easier said then done!
I have an appt with my fertility clinic on cd 28, 1 day before AF due. I’m contemplating testing around cd24-26… Any point? Or should I just wait for the b/w? I hate seeing that - … :pray: for all of us going through this 2ww.:babydust:


Very anxious

I am 9 days past insemination, so I guess that’s 9 dpo. I have done two cycles with just checking my ovulation with a predictor kit and was unsuccessful. Dr had me take 50mg of clomid this month and take ovidrel to induce ovulation and then I had the IUI. I’m really hoping that it works this time, but I’m very anxious. Dr said not to take a home test because they are often wrong with the ovidrel and sometimes negative when you test too early. I am a freak though, so I have taken two tests already but they were both negative. I just want to know!! I have been having sore breasts and some nausea…:cross: Should I wait until the 22nd to have the blood test done and not put myself through this agony? Or do you think a test will be accurate now at day 10? Help!!


I am in the 2ww too! Cd 26. It’s my first round of Clomid. Dr started me at 100 since I already ovulate and were hoping it will give increase our odds by giving dh some extra ‘targets’.

I’m terrible and have no restraint. I’ve tested twice so far. Once 7 dpo and then again yesterday at 10 dpo. At least that’s when I hope I ovulated. Both came back :bfn: of course! It’s always dissapointing to see that but until :af: rears her ugly head I always have a little hope. I have a ton of symptoms involving by bb’s (very sore nipples, areolas seem to have expanded, tender today…but diff than usual…sharper pain, and my nipples are always very obvious, and went from having a few montgomery tubercles to more than a dozen!) that I don’t usually have as PMS symptoms that make me think I could be :preg: but never having taken Clomid before I can’t be sure what’s causing them. I want so badly to believe they are pregnancy symptoms but I’m scared they’re just the Clomid!! My cylce is usally 29 days so I’m going to try and hold off testing until the 20th, but I’ll be amazed if I can wait that long!!
Good luck to you all! I’m :pray: for :bfp: all around!!


I had a 5dt on 4/15 (FET) so today I’m at 2dp5dt. I’m not entirely sure when implantation usually takes place for a 5dt, but I’ll take being PUPO!

During my last (fresh) cycle, I gave in and POAS several times before beta. All readings were BFNs and I recall how disappointed I was with each hpt reading. It was a whack in the face each time, and probably caused more stress than helped.

I don’t feel as curious this time around, but we’ll see how long I can hold-up.

Stay strong ladies - and much success to all of us!


I have been experiencing some cramping today. It comes from off to the sides… what I would describe as ovarian cramping. I am one week from time for AF to show. Could this be cramping due to implantation? I would think that would be coming more from the center. I don’t usually have cramping at this point in my cycle (too early for period cramps for me). As anyone else experienced this?


Heather… I am getting cramps too… I am 9DPO and temps dropping… I think AF is coming… She is due by end of week… We arent out yet…


Hi - I’m on my 2ww…I’m at 9dpo now, used an OPK and got a positive LH surge right on target at CD13/14. Having a little bit of cramps, nothing too awful, also spotted the tiniest bit today…hoping these are good signs and not an omen that ugly AF is gonna be a monster this month…I’m not even due for AF for another 5 days…at minimum, my cycles are all over the place (PCOS).
I’ll be POAS a couple days early on 4/21 (our 10 year anniversary!!), if it’s neg, I’ll try again Sat 4/23 (which is my actual 14dpo) and if that’s still neg, I’ll try one more time on 4/30 (21dpo), then force a cycle with provera if AF hasn’t reared up and kicked me right in the kidneys!.


I’m on cd day 27 (almost 28) and I’ve had some mild cramping since around day 20. I usually get cramping the week before AF this isn’t as bad. More like twinges than cramps. Usually they’re low and in the center, but these are a little higher and to the right.

I’m having lots of symptoms I wouldn’t normally get for AF, and I don’t feel like she’s just around the corner but every time I POAS I get a :bfn:.

Has anybody every experienced prominent veins in their bb’s as a side effect of Clomid? I’m very light skinned so I can see a lot of the veins in my chest to begin with, but never on my bb’s before and they’re just a little bit raised. They just appeared last night. I know it’s a symptom of pregnancy, but I also know that Clomid can cause pregnancy symptoms I just don’t know if this is one of them.

After 18 months of disappointment I’m ready for some good news!! I’m sure we all are!!!

I hope we all get :bfp: this month!!


I am about 7 dpo. I was crampy for a day or so, but now nothing. Hoping this is it, but really do not feel pregnant any other way. Really anxious for this week to be up!


I have woken up incredibly sick this morning… crossing fingers its morning sickness! Never thought I would be happy to be sick.


I’ve got my :cross: that your sickness is morning sickness!! I think it’s definitely a good sign!!


Well my temps went back up this morning… Maybe I had implantation dip… I am gonna test tomorrow morning! :cross: