2009 SART Results


Anyone know when the 2009 SART data will be posted?


I read that the 2008 results came out this May so people are expecting the 2009 results this coming May…but I only read that from someone on the internet.


Some clinics are still finalizing their data, especially right now while it’s getting exported to the CDC and going through another round of quality control. It will take at least another month, probably more.

The 2008 reports were made public in February 2010. Best guess for the 2009 release is February 2011.

But nearly all clinics have already closed their records with SART, and they already have their own 2009 reports, even though they have not been made public. The clinic can print their own 2009 report during SART’s finalization process.


As ghost said, I’ve starting seeing '09 reports popping up on clinic websites. So maybe check regularly for the ones you are interested in. My understanding is that SART doesn’t do any sort of comprehensive audit of everyone, just spot checks a few, so the data is pretty darn likely to stand.


Thanks guys!