2013 AUGUST IVF'ers!


Hello Ladies (and some Gentlemen),

I am proud to say, I am a Surrogate Mother helping a gay male couple. Everything is oing great. They have picked their ED and away we go. They are sooo happy and soooo am I. J & J are wonderful and awesome people. I love them soooo much. They want to be involved everything, which make me sooooo happy to be their Surrogate Mother. We will probably be doing a transfer in August 2013. I will keep everyone posted on our progress. It will go fast!!!


Hoping naturally before Aug/Sept.

I will probably be visiting and chatting off an on till Aug. My DH and I are hoping and :pray: for a natural pregnancy for #2 but if not then we will be back to IVF either August or September.


I will too…

Hello August 2013 IVF’ers Ladies,

So, we should be signing contracts this week. I can not wait!!! This Surrogacy Journey will be soooo exciting!!! Can’t wait to start taking meds… a bitter sweet moment. LOL