23 Trying to conceive...My story


Hi ladies Im new and I have been married for 4yrs. Me and the hubby have been actively trying for 2 without success, so i decided to talk with my doctor. I also have really bad cycles they are regular but when they come sometimes i can barley move. She sent me for a HSG and discovered both tubes were blocked. The way the doctor told me was just so cold and heartless and I got depressed :grr: and shut down and tried to block it from my mind. I stopped going to the doc and feeling sad everytime i see a family or a pregnant woman and i know that is selfish of me but my emotions are so scattered. Ive finally mad the next step and scheduled an appt. with a RE in June. Just looking for some :grouphug: support no one can understand like you ladies thanks in advance


brittany, i knw wat u r passing tru. ve been married for 3yrs. and got my shocking blocked tube diagnosis at the young age of 24. i was beyond speechless. as u can see from my signature, we’ve been struggling since. wonder y we have to be on this difficult path-hopefully dis nightmare will come to an end soon. you are not alone.good to know u r seeing a re now. goodluck!


thanks so much for the suppoprt hun cant wait to start this journey I know God has a plan for me and his will is always done :slight_smile:


Hi Brittany, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through this. Please ask your new doctor to check for endometriosis. The painful periods and blocked tubes could be indicators. Painful periods were the only signs I had of endo and I’ve had it since I was a teenager.


Hi stephanie thanks for that advice soome ladies at my workplace told me something similiar so i willdefinitely have the doc to check for that sometimes i just get so dicouraged always wondering when is it my turn haha. But i still smile :slight_smile: hopefully you get ur BFP very soon hun much luv…