28 y/o with hyperthyroidism - Advice?


My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past two years with no luck so far. I was recently diagnosed with hyper-t (3 months ago) and began taking methimazole. My husband is much older than I am, (over 50) so we assumed that our infertility issues were due to his age, but now I am not so sure since I’ve read that hyper-t can cause infertility in women.

My husband has a grown son from a previous marriage, so it would seem that there are no issues with his fertility. Neither of us have seen fertility specialists yet, as we wanted to try to conceive naturally first. I am hoping that now that I am treating my hyper-t, we will have more luck.

I ordered us both fertility supplements and bought our first ovulation test kit. I am thinking we will try the supplements for awhile to see if we have any luck before going to see a doctor. We don’t have a lot of money (we’re both teachers) so we’ve decided to hold off on fertility treatment until we’ve exhausted all other options.

About me: I have always been very regular, though I have very severe periods. They are heavy and my backaches, headaches, cramps, and mood swings can be very extreme.

A lot of my friends are starting to have children, and every period that comes arrives with crushing disappointment. I never realized how badly I wanted a child until now.

In lieu of fertility drugs, is there anything else out there we can try to help us conceive? I’ve read up on diets, exercises, acupuncture treatments etc, and was hoping that someone here might have some suggestions. What has worked for you? Is there anything else that we should look into before seeing a specialist?


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Hi! I can’t speak to the situation specifically, but if you don’t get a better answer here, you might consider researching / finding an RE (specialist) that you think you’d go to if it comes to that and just schedule a consultation. I’m sure they’ll encourage you to start treatment, but you’ll also get a better idea of what you’re up against. (Make sure they have you current medical information.)



You better take the help of infertility specialist. the first treatment that they would suggest is the ovulation induction and timed intercourse.
This is the basic infertility treatment in every clinic. Timed intercourse is one of the simplest treatment options for infertility. This is the starting point of the couples who are trying to conceive. If the infertility factor is undetermined or it may be due to low cervical mucus, doctors suggest timed intercourse method. In this technique, medication is provided to the female partner on the second day of the menstrual cycle either in the form of injection or as a tablet, which improves the egg development process.
The medication provided by the doctor simulates the human body reproduction process by providing vital hormones. This result in the development and maturity of the egg and also for releasing numbers of eggs from the ovaries and improves the chances of pregnancy. The development of the egg is monitored regularly and at the exact time of final egg maturation, the couple is advised to have intercourse. This treatment is highly recommended for the couple, if the female has irregular periods, who has variable fertile period and also for the women who has issues with ovulation.