2dpt First FET!


Hello everyone!!! I am 2days post first time frozen emby transfer and I need some advice, words of encouragement, sticky vibes, similar stories or whatever good juju you can spare. I am in need of it pretty pahhhleeez :slight_smile: I had my first IVF, transferring 2embryos, in Sept this year and it was:bfn: I was so sad because my Dr.s were so possitive I would get preggers, so I was heart broken. I have been reading that FET works for some because it is less invasive and your body has recovered from the stress and egg retrieval, etc. I thought the whole process of FET was so much more relaxing. I was a lot more calm and I went in w/a different mind set, if it happends it happends and it’s out’a my hands. So now I wait till next Mon. 12/12/11 for my beta:cross: last time I POS starting 5dpt and I think this time I will wait till my beta!:bsv: :cross:


Good luck to you.

I am in the same boat. I had my first IVF in Oct and it failed. My Dr said she was also very suprised it didnt work. I had my FET with 2 BC embryos trasferred on 11/30. And my Beta is on 12/09. But I am thinking of poas tomorrow my 5dp5dt. Cant wait .:slight_smile:

Stay calm and keep praying…

Wish us all lots of :bsv: :bsv: :bsv: :bsv:


Count me in too. I also had a failed cycle in September (chemical pregnancy). I feel the same way about FET, it was so much easier, physically and even emotionally. And we are beta buddies! 12/12 is going to be a great day! :smiley:


Chelsea…Congratulations on your BFP. I tested today 5dp5dt and it was negative. Hoping all goes well…


LadyShakenBake- I’m right there with you. I also transferred 2 embies on Friday and will have my first beta 12/12. This is my second FET, as my first in September ended in a chemical. Hopefully, 12/2 was lucky day for us! :bsv: all around!


Hang in there, 5dpt is still early! Most don’t see a BFP until at least 6, 7, or even 8dpt. :cross::cross:


You guys this is exciting!! We are all so close in FETs! I’m so happy to meet you all:nerd: Thank you sooo much for your posts! And wow a positive at 5dpt I am so happy for you Chelsea! I will include all of you in my prayers, please let me know how it goes!
Has anyone had any kind of symptoms that are different this time than last?
Love&:bsv: everyone!


At 2p5dt, my boobs became sore. I had been on PIO injections for 7 days, but 2 days after my 5 day transfer was the 1st time my boobs had gotten sore??? Then, at 4dp5dt, the fatigue hit me LIKE A TON OF BRICKS!

5dp5dt, HPT was negative at 4 am (i get up early for work). I was disappointed, but convinced myself to keep testing every morning because it was too early. Threw the test back in the box.

6dp5dt, HPT negative again. This time I kept it around for about 45 min. I “thought” I seen something, but after turning it every angle in every light possible there was nothing there :frowning: Threw the test back in the box.
That afternoon, I came home and for SOME reason I just [I]had[/I] to look at those 2 tests one more time. And guess what?! Yup 2 BFPs! Oh so faint, but the faintest of pinks was staring me right in the face! The 5dp5dt was darker than the one from earlier that morning. I’ve read you should never look at a HPT past the recommended time frame of 10 min or so. Over 6 years, I can’t count the amount pee pee sticks gone to wastelands from me, and NEVER has one turned positive. Even if I kept it for days… I was [U]shaking[/U]! I was in total shock and disbelief. So, I drove myself crazy until I fell asleep. Hubby had no idea I even had any HPTs.

7dp5dt (Thanksgiving morning). Hubs wakes up and takes the dogs out. I wake up in a panic and run to POAS! I didn’t want him to know in case it was negative again on Thanksgiving day. So, I threw the test back in the box and jumped back in our warm, cozy bed. As soon as he came back to lie in bed with me, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, pulled the test out of the box, and OMG! :bfp: Faintest of faint pinks again, but def pink! Not white, not clear, not an ‘evap line’, but POSITIVE, faint positive. Could it be?!
My husband came strolling in the bathroom to brush his teeth and see what I was up to. To his surprise he found me staring in disbelief to 3 positive HPTs side by side on the counter…

He picked me up and twirled me around! He kept whispering in my ear, “I knew it, I knew it!” Awesome, surreal moment. Betas are rising well, and ultrasound in one week!!!

So, good luck to everyone POAS and awaiting betas! There’s hope :slight_smile:


I definitely have. My boobs always get swollen when I’m on progesterone, but this time they’re swollen AND hurt a lot. That didn’t happen with my chemical pregnancies. Also I started feeling nauseous at 3dpt, that’s why I tested so early. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a line at 3dpt too because at 4 it wasn’t that faint. Anyway, I’m hoping all these symptoms are a good sign!


this is my 3rd FET (6th IVF) and I have been successful with all of them but all ended in m/c. Please know that 5dp5dt is early. With 2 of my cycles ive gotten super early BFPs, at 3&4dp5dt. But with my other cycles i didnt get my BFPs until 6dp5dt, so give it another day or 2 before testing again!! its still super early!

I have our transfer today of 4 blasts (2) day 5 blasts and (2) day 6 blasts. im super anxious and super scared. I cant go through the heartache again but trying to hold out hope. I plan to POAS on the 13th and 14th, if its BFP then my 1st beta will be on the 15th . IF is a BFN then my beta will not be utnil the 19th. Hopefully we all have a super exciting xmas!!


Chelsea & Mary Ann- just the week-end to get through, then Monday’s our day! How’ve you ladies been feeling? Any POAS? I’ve resisted so far, so I think I’m just gonna go all the way. I’ve been experiencing some nausea on and off and some lower abdominal cramping, but it all comes and goes so frequently, I wonder if it’s just in my head.


1st BETA… Blood is in their hands:) lol

[QUOTE=jesspr79]Chelsea & Mary Ann- just the week-end to get through, then Monday’s our day! How’ve you ladies been feeling? Any POAS? I’ve resisted so far, so I think I’m just gonna go all the way. I’ve been experiencing some nausea on and off and some lower abdominal cramping, but it all comes and goes so frequently, I wonder if it’s just in my head.[/QUOTE]
Hi ladies!! I just got home from my BETA, it’s in God’s hands now!! Eeeek I am soooo excited, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to open presents!! I have resisted the temptation to POAS which is totally different than last time when I started POAS at 4dpt. My symptoms are also different than the freah IVF transfer. Last time I was really crampy and spotting brownish around day 5 and then pinky around day 8. This time though I am just bloated(prob from the progest) and every now and then I get a dull pang above my pelvic bone. Today I am having ting-like fluid sensations ubove my pelvic bone (make sence??) and still no spotting or bad cramping(thank goodness, I think). Ahhh I can’t wait!!! I will share my BETA as soon as I find out!!! :cross:
GOOD LUCK TO YOU TODAY CHELSEA&JESSICA!! Just know I am praying for :bfp: for all of us!! Positive, positive, positive!!! Lotsa love to everyone!!!
<3 Mary


GOOD LUCK beta buddies!!! Had my blood drawn at 7:30 this a.m. and now just waiting, trying not to stare at the phone!

I had some bright red bleeding on Saturday, which was pretty scary. It was very brief though so I’m hoping (desperately!) that it was just cervical bleeding or something. HPTs are still dark and I’m still having lots of symptoms.

:cross::cross::cross: for all of us today!


Results are in: BFP, 2121!!! So excited/relieved!


Congrats Chelsea. :slight_smile:

I got a BPF on friday too. :slight_smile: Beta was 298.

And my second beta on 12/11 was 658.

And now we wait I guess.

Does anyone knows what the usual protocol next is?

Does your RE do the US for detecting Heartbeat? When do you start scheduling the normal OBG appointments?

Good luck to all…


Congrats Achu! :clap: Each clinic seems to do things a bit differently. At mine you do 3 betas, and then your u/s is scheduled around 6 1/2 weeks when they should be able to see a heartbeat. I’m getting mine a bit early since we’re going out of town for Christmas. :slight_smile: I think the transition to OB is around 8 weeks but I’m not sure.


New Bee in the house

[B][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=3]Hey im new to this forum and had a FET done on the 9th really excited and wanted to join you guys foe support. Im hoping this time is it please dear GOD let me be :preg: I can only imagine how good it would feel to finally be pregnant well it seems every one here is already in a pretty good place pass some luck over here LOL[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]