2nd baby clothing gift questions


So we’re having a boy this round - and not having a shower or anything. I know with the first baby we got so many 0-3 month clothes that I wish I hadn’t bought a scrap. Is this typical with the second kid or should I plan on buying some? I am fine either way - I just felt very wasteful with Brenna because she didn’t wear half the clothes.


I also got a lot of 0-3 the 2nd time around. I would buy some things, just in case, and keep the tags on them so you can return them if you don’t end up needing them.


I would do what Amy said…especially since you are having a boy and had a girl before, did you get gender neutral stuff with her or is it all girly? Plus I have found that even though I had a very generous friend who gave me all of her daughters clothes and we got some from garage sales and showers I have bought a few things myself because they are cute or find I use more sleepers than I did with DS and needed more…my thought is I would rather have too much than not enough, just means that I don’t have to do laundry as much :woohoo:


I reused some of my neutral stuff (bibs, Christmas outfits, pajamas). I haven’t bought much for our daughter though. We didn’t have a shower or anything since she is being adopted but I did get a lot of nice hand me downs from friends. They gave her a whole wardrobe all the way to size 2T. When she first came home she was in 3-6 month and we got a ton of gifts in that size. She didn’t wear alot of it but I just packed it up to pass on to someone else in the future.