2nd ICSI Treatment


Hello everyone, Really hoping that somebody out there is in the same situation and can help me out… I have just had my 2nd cycle of ICSI treatment and due to test tomorrow, i am terrified to do it as i have been bleeding since saturday & have already tried 2 tests and got negative… and just dont feel very positive about it. I had 2 transfered. I suffer from endometriosis but had some laser treatment in january to help this altho i still sometimes feel it. My husband has a very low sperm count but has still managed to fertilise all 3 eggs this cycle. Really glad there are people here to share stories and help others. look forward to any responses…


Hi rowan: I feel your pain. We have also done two ICSI treatments in which both I bled before beta and in my heart knew that it didnt work. We went for a second opinion in February and had further testing done-AMH levels came back normal and DH’s sperm defrag. test came back normal. RE said it’s purely an Endo issue. I started a 6 month lupron protocol today. Had the needle today and starting Estrace tomorrow so that I don’t get all of the crazy menopause symptoms. I also had two Lap surgeries before IVF and they didn’t work. This is our last shot and I am hopful that the lupron will kill all the endo off and allow for everything to settle in time for full ramp up in October. I wish you luck and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.:bsv: