2nd IUI need support


Hi everyone! I’m fairly new posting on these boards, although I read them all the time. SO my story is that I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2005 but was able to get pregnant on my own and have an amazing 6 year old. However I got remarried and my DH and I have been TTC for about a year. Finally my OB sent me to the fertility doc. I was not having periods on my own and my DH is about 50% of everything he should be too.
started Provera on 02/04 started aunt flow on 02/17 & started Clomid 100 mg (3-7) I had 1 follie on 03/1 13 cm. on 03/3 it was 17.6 and i had a surge, so I took the ovudril shot and had a second IUI the next day. :bfn: on 03/16.

So now is round two IUI
She upped my Clomid to 150 mg (3-7) and I’m hoping for more follies.
Can you share your stories, your symptoms on clomid 150 mg

Baby dust



It took me 3 IUIs to get my little one, but I got there!

I didn’t have much luck with the Clomid, but I did with injectables.

My Clomid symptoms were pretty low, except it gave me acne! Just my luck as that actually seemed to be a rarer symptom. Figures.

GOOD LUCK! :babydust:


in addition to the physical symptoms, clomid caused a lot of emotional symptoms and days of depression for me. hopefully tho if all else is well, you won’t be too vulnerable to those.


I too just had my second IUI. I took 100mg of clomid this month but for 10 days not 5 (wasn’t working well after 5 days so they extended it). Had my IUI on 6/25 so 1 week to go before I can test! AHHHHHH I hate waiting! :pray:


Contrary to most people, I never had any side effects with clomid alone. I took 50 mg for CD5-9 for six cylces with no results. However I have had 2 IUI cycles with Clomid joined by estradiol, progesterone et al and yes I have felt emotional roller coaster during those cycles. They made me irritated and over emotional; I could cry at the drop of a hat!!

Wishing you much luck…