2nd IVF Successes?


I did an IVF in Nov and got a BFP but ended up miscarriage at 6 weeks. Not sure which is worse BFN or miscarriage. Anyways, I guess we are trying again in March but I am hesitant. My Dr. said we had a perfect cycle… so he wants to do everything the same. My thought is, if it was so “perfect” why am I not pregnant?? Anyways I wanted to see how many people had similar failures but found success on their 2nd IVF…


So sorry about your miscarriage - I know this is tough, especially after IVF. My twin sister did IVF twice. First time she m/c at 6 weeks (5 day transfer), and she got pregnant on her second cycle (3 day transfer). She was convinced that since she got a BFP on her first cycle, that she wouldn’t on her second, BUT she did. I wish you the best of luck. :babydust: to you!


I think that getting pregnant on your first cycle does show that is was a good cycle. The fact that you miscarried doesn’t really mean the cycle was not a good cycle, just that unfortunately the outcome of the good cycle was not good. I think you have a good chance of having success a second time after having success the first time. It means that your body responded well to your IVF, and there is no reason why that wont happen again with your next cycle :slight_smile: Hopefully it will be just as successful the second time around, but with a much better outcme. Best wishes!


I agree that your first cycle was a success in that you got pregnant. i would definitely do the same protocol again.

I had a miscarriage after clomid at 10 weeks and chemical after my first IVF and to answer your first question i think a miscarriage is way worse mentally than a BFN. i have had 7 BFN’s and while its devastating knowing something worked and you got excited and then lost it was more devastating for me.

I would def do same protocol for IVF #2 and if you get BFN after this one then maybe push for another protocol. just my thoughts. good luck!!


First, im so sorry about your loss. Ive also had both, miscarriage and failed ivf. If u look at my signature I had a very UNsuccessful first ivf and a perfect sevond cycle. It can happen, I promise:flower: I am 9 weeks today, heard baby’s hb at 7 weeks :slight_smile: please dont lose hope!

Ps, I would do a new protocol, it can create better quality eggs, thus lesser chance of abnormal egg (miscarriage)