2nd Round Clomid Users


Hey Ladiees…

My journey to motherhood started back in 2008 and after trying for 3 years to get pregnant with no success I decided to look for more options… I found a doctor who has had the same issues i had and she gave me hope… because now she has 2 kids and now it’s my turn… So she had me to come in and have test done on my prog. level… She had me to come in for a 21 day prog. level check to see if I was ovulating… my prog. level was low real low she told me I wasn’t ovulating at all (see chart below)… So she said on you next period we want to start you on Clomid… So I waited… and finally it came (see chart below) it’s crazy I was excited to see my period lol… So i started taking clomid… (see chart below) and i started taking Daily Ovulation Test after my last dose of Clomid… (see chart below) I was excited when I saw i was ovulating… And my doctor wanted to see me in for another 21 day prog. level check and it was at a great level… it show that i OVULATED…YAY! (see chart below) With no luck last month I :pray: we get the right days this time around, we missed last month… :pray: to be :preg: soon… Waiting…

[U]1st Cycle of Clomid:[/U]
09/19: Lab Work
Prog Level: 0.5
10/30 - 11/4: :af:
11/3 - 11/7: Started 1st Cycle Clomid (Cd 5-9)
S/E: Mood Swings, Anexity, Hot Flashes

[INDENT][U]Ovulation Test[/U]
11/8 - 11/11: :bfn:
11/14 - 11/18::bfp:
[/INDENT]11/18: Lab Work
Prog. Level: 19.5

[U]2nd Cycle of Clomid:[/U]
11/29 - 12/4: :af:
12/3 - 12/7: Started 2nd Cycle of Clomid
S/E: Headaches, Hot Flashes, Mood
Swings, Back Pains

Now We wait… :pray: for a :bfp: this month…


SideEffects i experienced my 2nd round

I got really bad headaches this time and it lasted 3 day today it’s not as bad as it was at first… What are some side effect has anyone else experienced??? :grr:


Hello! I am new to this message board. On my second round of Clomid with Novarel trigger shot. We are trying to conceive on our own. I was diagnosed with PCOS, not ovulating and I only have one tube open (right side). We tried our first round of treatments last month, but no luck. The follicle I had was on the left, so not much of a chance. I’m hoping the follicle will switch sides this month! Has anyone had success trying on their own with Clomid and Novarel? Most posts I see with people trying Novarel are doing IUI or IVF… hoping we don’t have to go that route!

Me: PCOS, Infertile, One tube blocked
DH: He’s Superman (according to the doc)
TTC since September 2010 :pray:


:welcome: on board girls :slight_smile:

I am on my third round on clomid, i usually dont get any symptoms from clomid except hot flashes and mild headaches sometimes. I am 7 dpo today and we are trying naturally but we plan to do IUI next cycle if it doesnt work this time (God forbid)


AngelEyess – I am also 7 dpo & on round 3 of clomid! Sounds like we’re in the same place. I’m stressing about the wait to test. I ovulated for the first time this month (yay!)

Good luck to all you girls.


I am at 5dpo on 2nd round of clomid after a mc. So technically it is my 4th round, but 2nd round for this attempt to get pg. :slight_smile:


Good luck! I got preggers, but it was a chemical my first round last cycle and I am going to start taking it again tomorrow, CD 3. FX you are knocked up this cycle!