2nd round IVF September


WE are about to start our second round of IVF in September and I haven’t joined a forum before. I don’t know all the abbreviations so I will just tell my story and hopefully some of you can share your stories too and we can support each other along the way!
I am turning 39 in August and have “unexplained infertility” which we can only assume is age related.
My husband was told by our fertility specialist that he has “super sperm” (lucky guy) so the problem appears to lie with me
We completed our first round of IVF in early July. At scan we had 11 follicles although at ER we only retrieved 7 eggs. 4 fertilised but 3 were abnormal. We have one 8 cell embryo that we froze and have opted to start another round as I am getting older and prefer to try and get more embryos with my eggs at this age incase they don’t work. WE are also undertaking PGD for difficulties associated with older pregnancies. If we have a good looking embryo this cycle we will transfer it this time around. IN July after my first round i started acupuncture and chinese herbs. I have herbs morning and night and acupuncture once a week in preparation of our 2nd sept cycle start date. I am feeling nervous but more prepared than last time. Has anyone else undertaken acupuncture and or herbs? WE have also joined a gym and are trying to improve our general fitness although neither of us are over weight. I would ideally love to hear from anyone else undergoing a 2nd round or anyone else undertaking IVF post 35 years old although anyone is welcome
Good luck to all reading