2nd round of clomid/trigger..scared


I am currently on CD9 of Clomid 50mg. 1st round I tolerated it very well - NO side effects. This round, I am SO emotional and tired. I am not sure whether the medication is causing or the stress of trying to get pregnant is causing these side effects?
I am due to go in for follicle check and trigger on friday (CD11). My 1st round of trigger caused very bad headaches and cramping.

I am just worried that the 2nd round of trigger shot will cause worse side effects. I am so anxious already for what this weekend will be like…has anyone else had anxiety to taking the medications b/c of side effects?

I really trust your ladies opinions. Do you typically get worse symptoms each time you redue a cycle? Should I expect to feel worse than round 1 or do I just need to wait and see how my body reacts?


I have not used a trigger yet. That is probably something I will use next cycle if I don’t get a :bfp: this month while we ttc naturally.

I can speak for Clomid though. I was on the same dosage, cd 4-8 though. First cycle, I had many of the symptoms I read about: twinges, hot flashes (my God they were rough), headaches, moodiness. I took it 2 more cycles after that and did not have any symptoms for either of those. I was concerned that they didn’t even work but my follicle check u/s shows that I did respond. So my symptoms did not get worse, they actually reduced.

I think we all respond differently from cycle to cycle with these meds as our bodies adjust, or don’t adjust to them. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


Going to discuss some changes with my RE…

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