2nd Round of Follistim....currently on 2WW


Wife is on her 2nd round of Follistim. What a long cycle its been…

  1. RE had her take 150IU on CD4, then 75 IU for CD5 - CD8. CD9 & CD10 75IU + Ganerlix.
  2. Bloodwork and Ultrasound on CD11, Nothing on the left, two small follicles on the right and a 13mm on the right. Upped dosage to 100 IU for CD11-CD13
  3. Bloodwork and Ultrasound on CD14. Same from CD11. CD14 100IU, CD15 Ganerlix + 125IU. CD16-17 125IU
  4. Bloodwork and ultrasound on CD18. Some growth but not a lot. CD18-20 125 IU
  5. Bloodwork and ultrasound on CD20. Getting there but not quite ready. 125IU CD20-21
  6. Bloodwork and ultrasound on CD22. Ovulation appears to be starting on its on. 18mm on Right, 14mm on left. Some small ones both sides.
  7. Ovidriel on CD26 which is tomorrow.
  8. Starting the 2WW. :pray::cross: Hoping for that :bfp:.


Good luck!


I am on my first successful injectible cycle. I test on the 22nd. They should change the 2ww name to 2 MILLION YEAR wait. Good luck!


She’s at the 1WW point. Felt a twinge in the lower abdomen in the shower yesterday, BB’s sore today. :cross:


It is impossible not to take inventory of EVERY bump and ache and twinge. What a wonderful husband she has to be so supportive. I am thinking of you guys!


BBs still tender, no AF yet… Testing tomorrow :cross::cross::cross:


YAY!! PM me and let me know. I can test on saturday. I woke up today with intense right side pain which kept me in bed all day. I finally called my OB and he said because I am not bleeding his gut feeling is it is just a corpus luteum cyst due to pregnancy. Let’s hope so, of course every 5 minutes I am “taking inventory” to see if :af: showed up.

Wishing you the best.


Got up at 6AM and tested using a First Response test. Watched it go across the test window and saw the BFN come up. Waited about another two minutes and still saw nothing. We jumped back in bed and slept in. We she got up to shower she tossed the test in the trash. Left the house to get lunch and run some errands. Got back to the house around 3PM. I went in the bathroom to take a leak and decided to look at the test one more time. I dug it out of the trash and took another look at it and low and behold… a second faint line :bfp:. Showed it to her… “Umm Hun… there is a second line here that showed up.” :clap:



AMAZING!! I also got blood work and my HCG was low. But, can’t stress unless it doesn’t rise. I have never been pregnant before so I am just going to enjoy this!


After a certain length of time , HPTs can give a false positive. I’m not trying to rain on your parade, or anything, but after sitting for several hours, the result can possibly no longer be accurate. I would take another HPT, and go to the doctor for bloodwork.

Best of luck!! :cross::cross:


That’s the plan. Going to retest on Sunday.


She’s used First Response before and left them to sit out for a day and a BFN stayed a BFN. We’re cautiously optimistic.


Ya’ll made us nervous and we just went and retested with a Clearblue Digital… :bfp: :clap:


Woohoo! Congrats!


Tested again this morning with another CB Digital test. Still :bfp:. Went in for a blood test at 830am. Blood test confirmed! Back on Wed to recheck the levels to make sure the are climbing.


Same to you! Looks like you’re not that far ahead of us.