2ww and cramping


Dear all I had my 3 day transfer on Feb 22nd…

I must say the 2ww is killing me :frowning: I am trying to take my mind off by doing other things (since I hv taken a week off from work)… But all the different “what if…” Kind of possibilities keep coming to my mind:(…

DH has been very supportive through out this… But I can tell he is worried n anxious too… But tries to hide from me…

Since this early morning… I hv been having cramping on the right side of lower abdomen… And at rand 5 am I felt so hungry… I woke DH and he made breakfast for me…

The cramping on right side is kind of worrying me… Could it be ectopic…?? Or just regular implantation cramping? It’s been 6 days since 3dt… Or it is a sign of AF coming ?

Pls help :frowning:


Hello, sorry to hear you are going through the dreaded tww. Try to stay relaxed and positive. You never know if the cramping if this or that. Our bodies have been through so much that it is hard to really say.
Good luck!
I am keeping happy thoughts for you!:cheer:


I am in the 2ww also and cramping…just waiting on AF…UGH~

On a positive note, my first and only IVF I had cramping the WHOLE 2ww…My RE told me to come in for a progesterone shot. I dont know if the cramping is normal or not(maybe u should ask a/b a prog shot??) but I have a beautiful baby girl from my IVF!:babydust::babydust:


I had cramping on one side…it would be a sharp cramp and then stop…no clue why I had it but I was pregnant so the one side cramping CAN be good. Wishing you best of luck :pray:


Cramping is a good sign I had cramping from the day of my transfer I am now 26 1/2 weeks pregnant with triplets. Good luck!!!


I’m cramping tons too and its so hard not to let your mind think those horrible thoughts. My jaw hurts because I’m clenching my teeth so much - not because of pain but I think, stress.

Ugh! I’m 10 days post transfer and didn’t cramp for 2 days and now it’s back, ugh!!! Breathe! Breathe!