2ww And No Symptoms!


I feel so emotional today…I had my egg transfer with two perfect embryos on Monday 11/21. After the transfer I had some cramping on and off for a couple days, but nothing major. Today I feel nothing…My mood swings are horrible, and BB’s are sore but of course I’m on a ton of progesterone. I really feel in my heart this has failed. I’m a realist so I try and prepare myself for all possibilities good/bad but I never thought this would hurt as much as it does. I just needed an outlet to get my feelings out so that I wouldn’t cry. Thanks to anyone who listened.


The 2ww is definitely the hardest part, emotionally, of the IVF process, so what you are feeling is totally normal. As far as “symptoms,” there are none that are reliable, and true pregnancy symptoms are not likely to occur until sometime after your Beta. Although you might not think so, I think you have a very good chance since you had 2 perfect blastocysts, which most people don’t get (I got a BFP with a less than perfect blast). Good luck!


Don’t be discouraged!! I never really had early pregnancy symptoms with my little boy. Even if you did have them, they would likely be caused by the progesterone. Try to stay as positive as you can!!! Good luck to you!


Just like the other posters said, any symptoms you would be feeling right now would be from the progesterone anyway. It’s not until your HCG levels get pretty darn high that they are high enough to cause true pregnancy symptoms – and that’s even assuming that you’ll be one to get symptoms (I really never did at all). Chin up! You have a terrific shot. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile: