2ww and so nervous


I had my IUI today and now the 2ww starts. I feel so nervous, and I’m so afraid that it’s not going to work…again. I hate to be pessimistic, but it seems like it gets harder and harder to stay positive every cycle. Does anyone else feel this way???


Yes!! I can totally identify with what you said! I just got my beta results today for my 2nd IUI and it was a :bfn:. I hoped it would get easier with each cycle, and, I guess as far as getting through the cycle it was, but getting the negative result was much harder. I feel like every time I get a negative, I’m getting farther away from my dream of having a family and less likely to get pregnant. I was positive my first cycle and then was completely devastated when it didn’t work out. Then I was pessimistic this cycle and it didn’t work out either, but I was still just as devastated. I was thinking the same thing a little while ago - that I don’t know how many times I can go through this. I think we’re going to maybe move onto IVF if my 3rd IUI fails. I really commend you for going through this so many times. It’s got to be really hard to see that many :bfn: s! So sorry!! :grouphug: and :cross: that this is the one for you!! Just try to hang in there and know that it will happen for you somehow.


I know exactly what you mean. The 2ww is the longest 2 weeks ever and its all you can think about. Everytime you feel anything, you think its a symptom of being pregnant. It totally consumes you. I laid in bed one night thinking of how I would arrange the baby’s room and what I would do to the house. My husband said Im already nesting. You think about the date they could be born.

I just got a :bfn: a few days ago from my first IUI. Statics tell us it takes a few times before it can work. I really hope it works for you! If it doesnt, we are all here for you to vent. I just did it myself in a post a few days ago.

Keep busy and POSTIVE
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Hi Denise,

Just wanted to send you :bsv: !! It’s the hardest two weeks of your life right now,I know, but you can do it!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!:cross: :cross: :cross: :cross: