2ww april 2013


I know we already have an april thread going, but i figured i would start one specific to the 2ww as i feel like i am driving myself and everyone else nuts with my worrying over did it work…is this a real symptom or from progesterone…is it ok that i have no symptoms :slight_smile: so here we go

4dp5dt: so far only had bloating and ovary pinches "mostly on my right but some on left"
starting last night my boobs are sore, but im thinking all of theese symptoms are from progesterone and residual ovary pain from retrievel. i have noticed that my temp is up around 98.5 which is a good sign.


I guess I’m almost a the end of my 2ww. I’ve been getting :bfp: on HPT since Monday and I had my first beta drawn yesterday but I won’t get the results until after tomorrow’s second beta. They’re supposed to call me with both results in the afternoon. I’m still feeling a pulling sensation in the center of my lower abdomen. My breast tenderness alternates between moderate and horrible. My DH isn’t really excited yet and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. We have joked about me being pregnant for so long that it’s weird that it’s finally true.


CONGRATS…that is so exciting… i know it is scary waiting for those results but try to enjoy the fact that you are in fact pregnant


HI Ladies,

I had FET and currently I am 4dpt5d.
Transfered 2 blasts.
Will follow your progress and symptoms, hope I’ll have some too.
Up to now, I had:
Gasses, starting from ET
Mild, like period cramping in my lower abdomen, starting from 2dpt
Feeling of constant pressure in my lower abdomen, starting from 3dpt
Tiny, tiny trace of old blood on my panties, 4dpt


Nikki, just noticed, we had ET same day! Yay!


Hey Nikki and D,

It seems like we had ET on the same day - Sunday 14th April. 2 embies were transfered. I’ve had no significant symptoms… On 2dpt, I felt really nauseous in the evening but its gone now. I keep getting “pinching” sensations in my abdomen but I got those with my previous cycles as well and still got a BFN.

For now, I am praying and being hopeful.

Sending baby dust your way. I am sure we shall all celebrate in a few days time…:slight_smile:


D that sounds like implantation to me yay


I am 5dp5dt. Not sure if having any symptoms except a persistent cough. Very annoying!! And since Google is my bff right now, it certainly is a symptom.

Good luck to everyone :bsv: :bsv:


[QUOTE=nikki82]D that sounds like implantation to me yay[/QUOTE]
Seems it is! Just did HPT on some cheap intetnet test: :bfp: (faint, but definitely there)



Happy for you D… Don’t be scared. Embrace it…:slight_smile:

Your happy ending gives us hope…:slight_smile: We pray that we shall all get a :BFP in the upcoming days…


I pray for all of us!!!


I’m so glad I found this thread. I feel like I am going absolutely bonkers!!!

So first - how many actually take a HPT? I have not taken one yet. I got in for Beta on Monday. My RE said not to take one, that “ITS CHEATING!” I’m like what??? I think she was kidding. I didn’t take one last time and it was a no and I did take one the 2 times prior and they were nos. So I’m nervous to take one and it be a no.

I am 9dp FET of 2 day 5 embryos which were hatching.

I have some symptoms - slight pinching and cramping, mostly on right, but occasionally on left. Breasts tenderness comes and go…currently not much at all.

My Progesterone was 26 and estrogen was 363 when I went for monitoring on Monday. But I am taking progesterone 1 ML via injection and 1 suppository a day and estrogen 3 times a day so I don’t know how much of those numbers are because of the meds.

Good luck to all those who are waiting!